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In Loving Memory...
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6/2/01 - 10/11/11
~ Forever the Marest of Them All ~

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Gift.

In the weeks following Gogo's death, I've received a flood of wonderful gifts from people all over the world. I've posted several pictures of portraits people have done of Gogo, and on Friday I got a package on my doorstep... the first of them to physically arrive in my hands.

Niamh over at Hoofbeats for Heartbeats is the mastermind behind this idea. She spilled the beans on the project when she wrote about it in a tutorial (seriously, I dunno how the girl has so much patience, even as a detail-oriented and artistically-inclined person I'm not sure I could EVER have so much patience!), so I knew what it looked like, but I was not prepared for how amazing it is in person! Also note the AMAZING handmade card!

Simply stunning. Stunning! I will be having it framed and put up on my wall alongside all her ribbons, right where it belongs. Can't wait to see all the rest of the portraits when they arrive too!

Thank you Niamh!!!


Melissa said...

That's papercutting?! Wow! Until I went to the tutorial, I thought it was 'just' a digital print - a very, very nice digital print - but that is definitely going a step further. I'm impressed.

(I might have to try something like that. I'll start with a less complicated image, though!)

eventer79 said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Gina said...

I just wanted to let you know, now, after some of the initial lows of saying good bye to Gogo; that, you were the initial inspiration that started this barefoot idea growing in the back of my head.

My horse and I have a lot of issues and we have been working on them as best as we are able. Yesterday we finished our first CT, on our dressage score. We received permission to run in Easy boots on his front feet. Even in the heavy rain and wet he went around foot perfect.

I know one of the things that you mentioned struggling with on here is buy a horse only to fatally injure them with your training. My response to that statement can only be answered in the fact that you change the life of my horse and I for the better. Despite being compromised by chronic and not small injuries, our lives have only improved since I began to follow a philosophy I developed in direct response to reading about you and Gogo.

So thank you. I hope that when you open a new blog for your new horse that you keep 'us' in the loop so we can continue to learn from what you do.

Val said...

Absolutely fabulous!

A very talented artist and a very thoughtful gift.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I'm obsessed-just beautiful. She totally captured a peaceful faced GoGo

achieve1dream said...

Awww that is really awesome!! :D