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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Case of the Fuglies

In eyeballing a few of these miscellaneous Mustangs in my area for moderately workable conformation, I have also come across a few of the most incredibly fugly beasts I have ever seen. In my last post about the little blue eyed mare I received a few comments about how Mustangs can either be completely awesome little sporthorse powerhouses, or total conformational nightmares, and I completely agree. I have seen some AWFUL looking fuglies out there! Certainly not their fault - they didn't ask to be born ugly, just one ugly bred to another ugly and it worked enough to survive! - but it certainly makes for a good case of the oh-you-poor-thing giggles early in the morning.

Evaluating conformation of the blue-eyed mare in comparison to Gogo and Padre, the Mustang who was Grand Champion in-hand in his 4 and older stallions class at Dressage at Devon last year:

It's a bit hard to tell without enlarging, but she's not TOO terribly put together. She is quite a lot longer than what I normally go for - look at how compact Gogo was! - but she does have a great shoulder and a pastern angle that matches, which is more than I can say for Gogo (killer shoulder but pasterns that were totally upright and never matched either her shoulder or her feet!) The mare's neck is a bit short and possibly a bit inverted, but mostly I think that is a lack of proper muscling (see how Gogo has the same problem, and Padre as well). Both Padre and the little mare have shorter legs than ideal and both are a bit on the long side. Hind end on the mare has decent leg angles but not a whole lot in the actual haunch area - might also be a muscling issue. She might beef up a bit with proper training and become a little less awkward. Overall, honestly, she's not that bad. Not great, but not that bad.

At least, not in comparison to these poor beasts..... enjoy your morning dose of Fugly!


Melissa said...

Oh dear. Yeah, there are some scary looking creatures out there with BLM brands! The bleached-out bay looks like she's in serious pain to be standing stretched out like that. Or did they just catch her getting ready to pee?

You're right, the blue-eyed mare is a well put together critter by any standard. Not perfect, but more than serviceable.

Andrea said...

Nope, there were several pictures of the same pose! Look at that neck... it's coming out of his legs practically!

Michaela said...

I recognize that whitish beast from the internet adoptions. Two people bid on her. $130. If she was bay I guarantee no one would even consider buying her. It seems like all the hideous mustangs are at that Piney Woods place, too.

Andrea said...

Bless their hearts, ugly horses need forever homes too! ;)

Barbara said...

Just throwing out a thought about height to length. In Thoroughbreds, as a very general observation, distance bred horses tend to be longer in body sprinters tend to be shorter bodies with longer legs.
The old classic bred TBs, who all ran distance races, were not built like modern sprinters or most WBs.

Jeni said...

So.... Of course I have to share something - Gtyyup at Life at the Rough String has a very nice Kiger gelding for sale.

Gentled, under saddle, confirmation is good. I know he's a bit away but all options right?

RuckusButt said...

Is that bay wearing a cow bell? That would explain the hind end ;)

Regarding the blog - have you thought of starting the new one now so that a) you can leave Gogo's farewell clean and beautiful, and b) you have your new start on a new blog and future followers will be easily able to follow your search for your new mount. It's just a thought and none of my business, of course. I just feel weird reading about your search on Gogo's blog. I'm a geek but it feels like HER place.

Andrea said...

Oh yes RuckusButt, absolutely! I intend on starting a new blog when I find a new horse and leaving this one up as tribute to Gogomare. She deserves her story to be loved and read by many more people to come.

And you think it feels awkward to read about something other than her, imagine what it feels like to write about something other than her! Awful!

Jo Belasco said...
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Andrea said...

Heart and personality won't save you from complete and total breakdown from a horse built all wrong though - in fact, it might contribute to it, as a horse with heart will keep trying even after it hurts.

Like I said, it's not their fault that they're ugly and they certainly aren't going to give a rip about what I think about them!

RuckusButt said...

Cool - I just thought the horse search part might warrant starting the new blog, not just once you find one.

I understand how difficult it is to not be complete without a horse/dog/whatever in your life and therefore are looking for a new companion but are still mourning the loss of another. It sucks. But the new critter makes you heal because you owe it to them to have your shit together most of the time :)

Dressager said...

Last four pictures = *insert Psycho theme music*

BeBe said...

The thing is with proper nutrition and training, grooming etc you may be surprised at how some of them change their shape. Just look at my new horse, he was pretty fugly when I first got him and after only 2 weeks is looking like a different animal.

The thing with conformation too is that good confirmation does not always equal soundness. Some of the best horses I have known had had major flaws.

achieve1dream said...

I think she's built pretty well too. The thing I noticed first about her on your last post was the short croup. I don't know if that affects haunch strength and jumping ability. I guess you won't know for sure until you see her jump. She may be like Chrome and be completely unable to even get over a fence lol. :)

I like the idea of having the horse search on a new blog too, but it's totally up to you. Just make sure to make a post when you do so no one gets lost and can't find it lol. I've seen that happen before where a new blog was mentioned in passing, but not in a post all by itself so then no one could find it.

I look forward to following your horse search. I hope you're feeling a bit better day by day. :)

Jen said...

I will say that I am totally LOVING that you're considering a mustang! I posted awhile back when you first mentioned it, and am thrilled you're still considering :P. My mustang is not going to win any conformation classes, but she's ended up being one of those sporthorse powerhouses - especially in dressage!

I don't think I can post pictures here, but if you want to see how she's built, just click on my blog - I have a million pics ;). You'd be surprised how much they change as they become fit...they're really diamonds in the rough, and hardy as hell! I've had 4 other horses in addition to my mustang, and non have worked out (they've either been nutcases, injured, etc). I think if you find one you're interested in, go for it! Also, don't shy away from the BLM adoptions...they might be wild but you'll get the "pick of the litter" there ;)