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Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Adventure Fridays

This week's Photo Adventure....

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA.
Easily one of the most fascinatingly beautiful places I've ever been. The crazy rock formations are called hoodoos and are created through the process of erosion - wind, water and time sculpting the land. We rode horses (and mules) through the canyon... I had the most delightful little red mare who had a super soft mouth, turned on a dime, and was seriously careful while walking along the edge of a cliff. Proof that sometimes trail riding guides don't give the "experienced" riders the crazy horses... sometimes they give them the nicest horses so that they don't get ruined!


Mary said...

I'm gladyou got a good one, the few times I went for a ride without my own horse, I ended up with the nutty ones. I definately agree with your guides thinking, it makes sense. Anyway, that last photo is awesome!

samihob said...

Great blog - why not come and visit where you can post your blog for other Equine Bloggers to follow!

RiderWriter said...

I LOOOOOOOOVED Bryce Canyon!! And yes, I took a horseback ride there with my mom, and she loved it, too. My dad and I agreed Bryce was better even than the Grand Canyon which is where we went next (I think because your brain can actually process the size of it). I don't recall a thing about my trail mount in Bryce - it was 1988 - but I have also been given the best horse in the string on other trail rides, once they learned I was an experienced rider. I've wondered how they knew I was telling the truth, because you know people who've been on a horse about once in their lives will lie to them and act like they're the next best thing to McLain Ward or Clinton Anderson. :-)