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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seahorse A Go-Go

Yesterday afternoon, Gogo made her triumphant return to the sea! The last time she went was in February of 2009, so it had been awhile. Her behavior this time around was much better, although she did freak out my honey by threatening to bounce up on her hind legs for no good reason while she was being held and I was going to retrieve my helmet. (Honey has no horse experience... so I can imagine this wasn't much fun. All I saw was a swinging tail from behind my trailer while I peeking out of the tackroom.)

But after that little blip, she was exceedingly well behaved. Or well, mostly. Our little team of Gogo, myself, Ti, and honey all trooped down to the water at Penfield, and while at first Gogo wasn't so sure...

... she soon stepped right in. She was a little bit up at first....

... but she held it together. After a little splashing in the water and some reassuring pats, she settled right in like she had been to the ocean a million times before.

And she tried to drown herself.

We didn't do much, and I wasn't on her for too long - about half an hour. I felt that it was plenty, and I dismounted after we had had our fill of walking and splashing in the water. Honey and I tried to get a cute picture of us standing with the ocean as our backdrop while I was still holding Gogo, and this was the point when Gogo decided to be really really REALLY naughty and lay down in the sand with ALL my tack still on.... bad girl!!!!!!!!

My tack is no worse for the wear... just a bit sandy.

Other than that, and a bit of eye rolling and head twitching when a roaring boat came way too close to the beach and sent huge waves rolling towards us, she was perfect.

And the legs? Ice cold and tight.

I love it.

It was perfect.


Muriel said...

I truly enjoy Gogo's adventure, what a lucky lucky mare ;-)
She is so impeccably groomed. What a beautiful tail!

Thanks for the white lightening gel infos. I am ordering some from England ^-^

Katherine Erickson said...

So beautiful!!!

Alighieri said...

After the WEGS, you MUST send that between the ears picture into eventingnation. I imagine that would get up on the site pretty quickly, and it's a beautiful shot.

Funder said...

Life is good! So happy for yall :)

Michaela said...
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Michaela said...

Hey! I stumbled across your blog and couldn't help but notice you're in CT? I was just interested because I'm right in Fairfield. Are those pictures at Penfield Beach?

I am especially interested because I keep my horse, Indigo, barefoot too and I don't see why anyone would keep a horse any other way. Great Blog!

Hurricanes12 said...

gogo is one of the luckiest horses i know, how on earth do you keep her tail like that?
even with gallons of show sheen i can't keep my gelding's tail half as pretty as gogo's!

Andrea said...

Michaela, yup that's Penfield! It was awesome!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

mmmmmm so beautiful :) LOVE that shot with the sunset and u two standing in the water.

Katie said...

Wow, you have no idea how jealous I am right now. *I* want to have a horseback adventure on the beach too! ;-) But those are GORGEOUS pictures, and it's wonderful that you and Gogo are enjoying having adventures again!

Paigley said...

picture four is absolutely gorgeous!!