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Saturday, October 2, 2010

End of September Analysis

WHAAAAT?? September is over?? Wait a minute, when did THAT happen??

September was pretty decent for us. There wasn't a lot I wanted to do in terms of working Gogo - trail ride, and that's really it - but all our goals were met with ease and confidence. The leaves are really starting to change, pumpkin-flavored food is abound, and there is a crisp chill in the mornings that sets my heart on fire. I love autumn!

September Goals:

1) Daily turnout in the medical pen (POSSIBLY to move into the next size paddock, but this may wait until next month) save for days when I will not be there to monitor
Success! And actually, she did so well that I had her going out even on days when I wasn't there. There wasn't one day in September that she did something stupid in the paddock. Best of all, we never had to use drugs after the first day. Now that it's October, she is set to go out in the next size paddock, which I plan to start tomorrow. Freeeeeeee as a biiiiiiird!

2) Jump our first crossrail in a year!
Success!! This was truly awesome. We didn't jump much, and we only had about four or so jump days in our schedule, but we did a handful of small crossrails, lots of trot poles, one or two canter poles, and a tiny vertical the other day. Sweet! I am not planning on doing much jumping in the next few months, just little stuff to keep her brain happy and maintain a low level of fitness over fences, because I don't feel she needs much schooling at this point. (Although I am badly in need of a tune-up myself... lessons anyone?) What's the hurry? At the start of the new year, I plan on stepping it up a little bit, but I don't need to now. Although I suppose I will be sad to see all the fancy jumps in the outdoor going into storage for the season... those won't come out until next April in all likelihood. Oh well.

3) Return to a 5/6 day a week schedule - dressage, jumping, hacking out (schedule still in the works but I have a good idea at this point of what I want to be doing)
Success, mostly! I have been a little back and forth about this, and alternated from only wanting to do trail riding to wanting to do a full schedule with bits of dressage every day, but it seems to have found a happy medium and I like it that way. I want to work her enough to strengthen her but not wear her out. I want her muscles and tendons to get stronger without overdoing anything. It's a delicate balance.

4) Trailer off property for our first real TRAIL RIDE in a year!
SUCCESS! This was my favorite one of all. We trailered off property THREE TIMES in the past month, which may not sound like a ton but in reality is three more times than we've trailered off property for fun in a whole YEAR, so it's awesome! We've been to Baxster twice, and to Larkin once. I am hoping to get to the beach possibly today, or maybe tomorrow, depending. A Saturday might be all kinds of frightening craziness though, so I'm not sure.

5) Just enjoy my mare. It's fall, it's beautiful out, the brunt of the rehab work is over and it's time for fun!
Success! It's all about the fun isn't it! ;)

October Goals:
1) Go trail riding on the BEACH! (Safely, of course... no mad gallops, no deep sand riding... the rule is stay below the high-tide line anyway so I think we're good for footing!)
2) Possibly take a few dressage lessons? (Vicki? Bettina?) And maintain last month's weekly schedule
3) Have Gogo adjusted chiropractically
4) Move into the next size paddock (step up from medical paddock)
5) Be a better record keeper!! (I was a slacker this month and my day-to-day written record keeping was not very good. I am normally great at this so I need to get my butt in gear!!)

Hopefully, our weather will stay nice and everyone (barn cats included) won't be stuck inside looking out anymore...

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Dressager said...

Y'all are trucking along. This is great :)