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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not much to report.

I don't have much to report on the Gogo front. Since the escaping incident, she's been, you know... the same. Big, fat, warm legs which magically go away and come back on their own, perhaps in relation to her own temperature. (The warmer she is, the bigger and warmer they seem to get. Perhaps it's time for a clip.) I have stopped her turnout and work under tack for the time being, so she's just getting treadmilled and handgrazed for the time being. I stuck her on the lunge today, which is my only really accurate way of assessing her soundness at this point (how she travels in a circle right and left), and crossed myself in the hopes that she would behave. She did (bless her heart, that girl has her voice commands like no animal I've ever seen), and she looks exactly the same left to right - totally fine. My eye for hind-end lameness is good, and I'm clearly not giving anyone the benefit of any doubt, so if there was anything serious to be seen I would have seen it. Then again, I am not a vet and if there is something very subtle there, it needs to be handled under a professional's eye. I just can't quite get over how UCKY the legs look. They're huge! Nothing makes them go down either, barring movement that is faster than a walk. I am taking this as a good sign, as wrapping/coldhosing/icing/anti-inflammatories/poultice/sweating has not, at this point, done anything at all, and if there was inflammation then there would have been at least SOME change in theory. As of tonight, I iced and then left them open and to the mercy of the cold night. Perhaps the freezing weather and her freshly clipped legs might do a bit to take them down a little. I am glad that the fill goes away with movement, but it is definitely coming back after a short while. They seem to have a mind of their own - one minute they are somewhat filled and cold, the next hot and enormous, and it doesn't seem to relate to anything in particular. It's driving me crazy.... I can't get it to just GO AWAY. It feels like something HAS to be wrong, because it's just too bizarre to not be something bad.

But still, she's sound. I can't give up on that fact, and the fact that as soon as she's jogging out, the fill goes away. But I am pretty sure that until Dr. C scans her legs up and down and gives her the go-ahead, I am not going to lose this queasy-ill feeling in my stomach and my brain.

I am not sure I'll be able to event a horse that has me on pins and needles every time something goes mildly wrong. Oh Gogo.... can't this just be simple and easy. Really.

Gogo says, I escaped from my stall, destroyed the barn, gave myself huge ugly legs, and now I have to go back to the vet?? WHAAAAAAT??

In other not-related news, who wants to magically sponsor no-name-nobody me for 2011 and buy me this beauty?? Only $25k and she's Gogo's TWIN - they look the same, move the same, jump the same, and are related through Lemgo. And from the sound of it, they have the exact same personality to boot. Come on, you know you want to!! Don't you want to hear all about TWO kooky mares instead of one?? And how I'll need to invest in Mylanta?? ;)


Nicole Redman said...

A horse schooling 4'6" is only $25,000? It's either lame or not really jumping that big.

Muriel said...

Nice mare, but she has no throatlatch, and her hind looks a bit weak? I prefer Gogo, she looks better.
AND better the devil, you know.

The swelling can it be related to a food allergy?
My mare used to have "fat legs" due to too much lucerne/alphapha ( whatever you call it at your place.

If she is "forgotten" in the old barn, perhaps she is getting a low quality hay, or there is something funny in that old stall????

Andrea said...

I think schooling 4'6" means she cleared something that is 4'6", not regularly schooling it. She's only ever done a single recognized Novice so I think it's because she's 8 and unproven in any way, but still nice.
And.... Gogo has no throatlatch ad a weak hind end too, so they're really twins!

Emily M. said...

Wish I could catch my horse in a pose like that. Could just be bruising on her legs from kicking solid objects, which will just go away with time, although as you're noticing movement will help. Just had a foot bruise in my horse and vet advised a reducine hoof wrap to increase circulation to clear out the bruise quicker, actually worked although I had my doubts at first.

Funder said...

I approve of horses named Dixie. And I saw a dollar bill under the bed yesterday when I was trying to get a cat out from under there. I shall mail it to you for the Dixie Fund. :P

Dressager said...

Gogo, you kooky child! But seriously, her new stall situation sounds RE-DIC-U-LOUS. I'd be so mad.

Muriel said...

On this photo
looks a million times better than the other mare photo ;-p

I hope Gogo is feeling much better.

Andrea said...

O my... you had to bring that old photo up!! I must say I violently disagree!! :P