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Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Adventure Fridays

This week's Photo Adventure....

Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.

Where we often took our boat in the summertime while traveling up Lake Huron. Kincardine is an awesome little town that calls to my Scottish heritage with summertime bagpipe parades in full kilt attire. Yes, we are flying a Canadian flag on our US vessel - when traveling into a foreign port it is customary to fly a courtesy flag on the bow while also flying your own home country flag at the stern, 1" of flag for every 1' of vessel. (I know, it's weird.) We always knew we were arriving safely in Canadian waters when my father would call for the kids to get the flags out.

They keep telling me they're selling the Sapphire and I keep telling them that they just can't. Truth of the matter is that she's 13 years old now, and I haven't even seen her for at least three years - maybe even four. But... they can't sell her, that's like selling off a member of the family! :(

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*Sharon* said...

I know how you feel. We had a little sailing dinghy and I was heartbroken when Dad sold it. (Not that I can sail for toffee - kept doing a jibe when I was trying for going about!)