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Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Adventure Fridays

This week's Photo Adventure...

Kahurangi National Park, NZ.Where Nicole and I got hopelessly lost after the trail ceased to be marked somewhere on top of a mountain. We were god knows how many kilometers away from civilization with no contact to the outside world, and had no way of surviving a freezing night should we have to. One of the few times that I realized how utterly unprepared we were should something go wrong, and one of the only times I've felt truly frightened and unsure of which way to go. Thank god we stumbled upon a cabin somewhere along the way where other trampers were, and found the path home again... yikes. (Still awesome though.)

(PS: I am still alive, I promise. Lots to write about, no time to write!)

1 comment:

Nicole Redman said...

But we didn't lose the trail, we just weren't sure WHICH trail we were on!