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Monday, November 30, 2009

Super Prix!: A Guide to Mid-21st Century Dressage

As a bit of entertainment, I offer you this complete and hysterically tragic piece of satire: The Super Prix!: Your Guide to Mid-21st Century Dressage. There was a bit about it on Eurodressage and I had to look into it further. It's remarkably witty and a little bit sad at the same time due to the truth in it. I'm sad because I can't figure out why there aren't proper links to such interesting class descriptions as the Pirouette to Infinity, Perpetual Piaffe and Most Extended Trot. Seriously, go check it out and laugh, shake your head, and grimace with every new description. It's spot-on.

In other news, Gogo neither went outside nor got ridden today. It was raining hard all day and it was my assumption that the drumming of rain on the roof coupled with the wind rattling the doors might turn her into a ticking timebomb. No sense in tempting fate now is there? She did, however, go on the treadmill as per usual and also moved from the New Barn to the Red Barn, which is where she was when we first moved there. She is in a much better stall than she was before - very large, very bright, very airy, and had two windows as well as a stall gate. She seems pretty happy and is free to try and eat the horses that walk by her stall to the indoor arena, whenever I am not around to yell at her. Tomorrow I will likely just treadmill her again, as well as bathe and clip her in preparation for our vet appointment at Tufts on Wednesday. I'm unwilling to do more than that until I actually see the new ultrasounds and what her level of soundness really is, as well as get their opinions on that crazy hock of hers, which does look better but is still not normal. I'm really, really nervous.

Regardless of level of eventing soundness that she returns to, I'd really like to try a competitive trail ride next year. And I want to teach her to drive. And I want to cut cows with her, just once, just to say we did it and to see what she'd do. I want to overnight camp with her. And multi-day trail ride with her. And go swimming at the beach.

But right now, I'd settle for a nice, quiet walk. That would be great too.


Dressager said...

That link was hysterical. But sad too :( My mom came in and couldn't get it, nor did I expect her too. It was like geeky Star Trek humor for dressage riders.

Post pics when Gogo the warmblood cuts cows. I would like to see that. Even my warmblood quarter horse cross is afraid of cows. Cows weren't my expertise when I western anyway. I was a barrel racing speed demon! So wait, where did the idea to do dressage come from?

Liz said...

I love the Super Prix site- I ran into it a while back but forgot what it was called.

Best wishes to you and GoGo. I love reading about you guys and really hope everything turns out ok.

Akhal-Eventer said...

Great blog! I looked at it a few months ago, and found myself wandering back this way recently. I am also an eventer. . .and yes, we keep our competition horses barefoot, too! We are currently competing at Training Level barefoot, plan to continue this way throughout next season, and move up to Prelim in the fall. Here is the link to the new blog about our barefoot Akhal-Teke eventers:
Keep us all updated on your mare's funny hock!

Meghan said...

Definitely spot-on. That is why I never want to compete in dressage. Ridiculous.

I hope you get to do all those things with Gogo, and anything else you can dream up. You both deserve it.