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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Day 4 of the mystery hock swelling is here and I still had no answers, so when Dr. S came out to pull a bunch of Coggins for the Florida horses I had him take a peek at the mystery hock to see what he thought. I told him I had no idea if she was sound or not but I had no other clues for him, so he was like, well let's jog her. So I did, and she looked good in hand but really all I could see was her front half, so I wasn't sure. He thinks the swelling might be a residual grossness from a perpetual hocksore scar that she's had for years and years (and never caused an issue before) but has opened a little recently. He told me it's not going to go away until she gets into a regular exercise program, to which I said well, is she sound?


Yes, finally that time is here - she's sound and looking very even and good, he said. We're still going to Tufts for a better evaluation but I have no reason to think I can't start tackwalking again, picking up at 20 minutes where I left off, starting probably this Friday when I get back from my Thanksgiving capers. He gave me a long-winded explanation about how sometimes it's impossibly hard to tell on ultrasound whether or not a horse has really just bruised a tendon or really torn the tendon - perhaps her injuries were not as serious as we've been treating them. I'm not going to treat them any less seriously though. With her wraps off after we jogged her, the area below the swollen hock started to fill, which wasn't alarming but I certainly don't want to take chances, so we're continuing with icing and wrapped as per how we have been doing it. She has an appointment for December 3rd at Tufts, so we'll see what they say then! I don't expect the swelling to go away anytime soon, so I dunno what I'm going to go about that. I might try Doxy again in case this IS another Lymey flare-up... you never know.

But YAY GOOD NEWS! And after work today, I am going to Daun's to go cap in tomorrow for the final hunt of the season! MORE good news! And then it's Thanksgiving and I have that day off too! EVEN MORE good news!!

I am so getting Taco Bell today.

(Gogo the day I bought her.)


Funder said...

YAY! Put that lazybones back to work already! ;) And make Daun take pics of you on Brego, ok?

khirsh said...

If you're interested in a very long story that may or may not be relevent to this kind of swelling, let me know. My e-mail is

My horse also has, from time to time, unusual swelling from a still unknown trigger. However, like Gogo, he sustained 2 lacerations to that leg in the past.

I'll give you the whole run-through if you're interested.

sally said...

Hey there ....gosh you poor thing I bet you just want Gogo to get all better. Have Taco Bell for me. They dont have it here in NZ and I just loved it when I lived in Oregon, Say Hi to Daun and Brego from her followers in the land of downunder and have a fun time.