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Monday, November 9, 2009

Gogo's Paradise

Just a few pictures of Gogo in her newfound paradise:

Just wanted to share.

The treadmill:

And Gogo's reaction to being saddled for the first time in almost two months:

That is one happy horse. Today will be her fourth day under saddle again, and she's doing very well. She has, of course, settled right into the routine and is more than happy to do the slug walk around the arena (per vet's orders... we mosey, not march.) and had even garnered such thrilling comments from my boss as, ".... she does wake up to fences a little more, right?" Nobody can believe that a) she's been on stall rest for two months, and b) two years ago she was almost totally unrideable. If she was sound I could probably go take her on a hack through the neighborhood and she'd still be just as quiet. It's wild. She really just is a mare that doesn't waste her time and energy doing anything she doesn't want to do. Stuff she wants to do? Oh she's all over it, whatever speed you want for however long. Stuff like cars, hot air balloons, animals in the woods, galloping horses in the pasture, howling winds? Psh, not worth her time.

Also just realized... I never did November goals. HOW DID I LET THIS HAPPEN.
(I know how I let this happen. I have no goals right now other than continue with rehab as planned... she dictates the goals right now. But I'll write more about them later. And I have eye candy for Brego fans as well.)


Albigears said...

Beautiful place! That treadmill is crazy.

Cathryn said...

she looks like a very, very happy girl

Nicole Redman said...

November goals:
Buy plane ticket to California to see Eddie with ME on my BIRTHDAY
Plan for WEG's
Plan for trip to EGYPT
Call Nicole more

sylvia said...

nice posh place she's got there! happy mare!!
can't wait to see some pics of Brego...daun's been a slacker! ;)

Andrea said...

Nicole. you know we can't afford tickets to the WEG. how about Rolex instead. and Egypt. because i'm sorry, seeing the last standing Wonder of the Earth ranks a little higher than the WEG to me. what's the date for Eddie, is it on your birthday? why am i asking you hwere instead of calling you?

and Sylvia, Daun is no slacker, Daun is a busy busy woman! Daun has her reasons for not blogging right now.

Nicku said...

East coast barns are just so much better than west coast happy for you two and that she is minding her manners during her rehab for the most part. I am almost done with rehabbing my mare, we're in week 6 of 6 and pretty much in full work but not yet jumping again. It's been one wild ride :)

sylvia said...

I hope my comment didn't come across wrong. I know she's a busy girl! And I remember she was taking a blogging break. Got sick of defending herself. Can't blame her there!
Can't wait to see pics of the big boy!

Chelsea Wipf said...

oh my gosh. you are now at shalimar fields?! my husband built that barn 2 years ago. he is the foreman for Morton Buildings. Beautiful barn.

Andrea said...

NO WAY! How is this world so SMALL?