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Friday, November 6, 2009

Steps forward, steps back.

Yesterday was supposed to be the first time I got back on Gogo in almost two months. Well of course, it didn't happen because of eternal circumstance. After Gogo went bouncing around on Halloween, I cut back on her exercise and went to just one 25 minute treadmilling and one 15 minute handwalk daily. Wednesday was my day off, and I ended up riding a couple greenies for my roommate at the place where she works, and didn't have time to come all the way out to this barn (*cries!*). What happened that day? The guys that work here put my horse on the treadmill, and rewrapped her when she was done.... and did a HORRIBLE botch job of it. So of course, when I arrived bright and early on Thursday, her bandages were around her ankles. The kicker is that her stall was already clean, so nobody apparently noticed when they were in there with her. Awesome. As a result, the LH was pretty hot and much bigger than normal. AWESOME. I gave her 5cc banamine right away, got to icing those legs (3x a day for 30 minutes each), and let her have one treadmilling followed with immediate ice. She had more banamine in the afternoon, and I am happy to say the legs both went down and remain normal today. I'm restricting her for a week to stall rest with one treadmilling a day, and no leaving her stall except for a groom and some grass. I'll banamine/Surpass as I need to, although hopefully I won't anymore, and will keep icing 3x daily and wrapping as I have been.

So in short - I'm giving it a week. If those legs don't continue to stay as they have been (which is slightly filled, something I don't really expect to change anytime soon, probably for the rest of forever), then we go back the vet next week for an ultrasound. If they stay fine, I'll get on her in a week. But I'm not taking any chances here.

I have lots of pictures from Halloween, and of Gogo in her palace... but I'm at work, and I guess that means I should probably, you know, get back to work.

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*Sharon* said...

Oi! You have my sympathy and best wishes. I have a friend who hates bandages with a passion and is full of horror stories of bandages gone wrong. She has scared the heck out of me.

Chin up, this too, will pass.