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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picture Spammmmmmmm!

As promised, here is some serious Halloween Gogo Picture Spam:

Gogo's 2006 Halloween:

Mmmmmm complete with edible tiny carved pumpkin filled with apples, carrots, and molasses! She ate the pumpkin too:

Much of the same for 2007:

Pumpkin eating, witch hat/angel halo wearing, maniacal trail riding, happiness.


Super nice and relaxed.... no demons. Because I didn't get on her.


No pictures of Gogo trying to kill me in any of these unfortunately. I do have many of those however, in other circumstances... that's for another day!

Happy November!


manymisadventures said...

That treadmill is SO. COOL.

Not that it's fun to be under circumstances where you have to use it, but still.

She is adorable in the witch hat. I never thought of feeding a horse a pumpkin, hmm.

Andrea said...

Some horses loooooooooooooooove pumpkin. I mean seriously, they'll scarf it down. My horse? She takes some bites and goes meh, and then I am left feeding it to everyone else in the barn.

starrynights said...

That is a beautiful picture of GoGo in the pasture but I sure hope that is a break-away halter on her...

Otherwise all your meticulous care could be for naught when your mare breaks her neck after getting hung up on the fence!

Andrea said...

Of course it's a breakaway, it's Gogo we're talking about here! ;) (That particular halter is now sitting in my trailer unused because she went through every leather tab I owned and I couldn't buy them fast enough, lol...) I don't normally turn out in halters but that one was in fact breakaway.

*Sharon* said...

It might just be me, but I think the photo she looks most comfortable in is the one with the witch hat?

The halos don't seem to sit well with her. Not to cast doubt on her character, but you know mares!

You guys are crazy by the way. Good on ya!

Nicku said...

OMG how did I miss this post? I just saw it today! I love those little costumes!!! I can sympathize in some respects. My mare was an ANGEL from day one that I purchased her. Never a fuss, never a spook, never a fight. Two months later on her 6th bday I planned such a nice day, a nice ride, nice everything and that is the day she decided to be the nastiest little witch ever for the first time in her life. ON HER BIRTHDAY! My poor heart, I was so mad at her for ruining her own special day :P I might take your advice and just give the girl what she wants on her bday this year, A DAY OFF!