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Friday, January 21, 2011

Moving Day Success!

Hooray! Gogo has FINALLY been successfully moved to the 15 acre pasture! It only took me two months to get her onto 24/7 turnout, but the moment has finally come! Words cannot describe how thrilled I am. This is EXACTLY what she needs.

Time to roll out! We finally got our patuckuses out of bed and got down to the barn. But I was definitely still in my pjs.

Gogo made sure to make nasty goodbye faces at the new mare. I guess they were probably more like good riddance faces.

Yay we made it 10 minutes down the road! Broken halter and all! We're a collective hot mess today. Normally this horse doesn't get on the trailer with a speck of dirt on her anywhere... and normally I don't leave the house looking like such a trainwreck.

Into the pasture we go... breaking the ice out of the trough (yes it actually was that cold today)... annnnnnd FREE!

She completely 100% approved.

Life is good.

In two other important pieces of news....
1) Denali's Mom's gift is finally underway!! Yaaaay!!
2) I tried a potential free lease today, another weird color horse... this time a Belgian/App who was a PMU baby and somehow came out astonishingly well-balanced and totally adorable. I loved him and am in the process of working out details to get him as a catch ride for a year or so while Gogo rehabs... stay tuned for more details!


Val said...

Belgian/App...interesting. Glad Gogo is happy.

Checkmark115 said...

wow are you sure you're in texas? lol

Anonymous said...

Yay for Gogo Mare!

Hmm a Belgian/App, sounds cool, PICS!

Natasha said...

Yay for the Gogo girl!! She has the most STINKIN gorgeous tail--what do you do to keep it so gorgeous?

manymisadventures said...

Agreed, pics or it didn't happen ;)

Yay 24/7 turnout in a big pasture!

Alanna said...

Glad Miss Gogo gets to be out 24/7! Can't wait to see pictures of the possible new ride. :)

Albigears said...

Horses everywhere are jealous of Gogo's digs. Lucky mare!

Yes, pictures of the new guy!

Dressager said...

Congrats!! This is all so exciting!!

Ruffles said...

Gogo looks happy :)
Good luck with your maybe new guy :P

sally said...

Yay for turn out. I'm sure Gogo will love her time running free at large, The new option for riding sounds interesting!

Dom said...

Glad it went well! Enjoy your new space, Gogo.

Kat said...

Hooray for 24/7 turnout! Nacho loves it, too, though a stall would perhaps be better for her skinny ass.

I like odd-colored horses. G'luck with the belgian-app!

Denali's Mom said...

I'm attempting to find 24/7 turn out for Denali. Failing so far, it's hard in Seattle. Maybe I'll mail her to you so she and Gogo can keep each other company. ;) I'm sure they can learn wonderful social skills from each other!

manymisadventures said...

PS, you're on my award list for the Stylish Blogger award. Come on over and pick it up!

Net said...

Oooh, good luck with the catch ride!

I know two PMU babies who are pretty awesome here. One's a TB/perch, and got more the TB thin build. Gorgeous mover, going Training right now, probably moving up to prelim soon.

The other is 4, and a paint/draft cross (we're unsure the draft side.) Starting to get super athletic, and made to do dressage -uphill balance, suspension, and quite a lovely mover.