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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Angelina Ballerina

Gogo's move to the 15 acre field has unfortunately been postponed until Friday. Yesterday was supposed to be move day, but we had a sudden surprise boarder show up with two horses at our door... wtf! Well, it happens, I suppose. Unfortunately for me, the addition of two unforseen horses meant that Gogo suddenly found herself new neighbor that she did NOT approve of. Enter Angelina Ballerina.... the horse who never stops standing on her hind legs.

O, the beautiful balance! O, the incredible loft! To see my mare eternally en pointe, walking around her stall with grace and ease! Suddenly, she strikes out with a front foot - o what poetry! She hooks the leg overtop the uppermost bars of her stall, missing her new neighbor's head by mere inches! O, the ferocity in her dance!

And that's when she got banished to the stall at the end of the barn.


But did that stop her from continuing to attempt to murder her new neighbors? Of course not! Today I turned Gogo out with the old retired gelding (normally her neighbor), who is completly in love with her, and that worked out exceptionally well on all ends because it also opened up more paddock space. Unfortunately, it also created the problem of one new horse being in a paddock on the right side of Gogo's field, and the other new horse being in the other paddock on left side of Gogo's field. This meant that Gogo spent most of her day randomly exploding and galloping back and forth, charging at the other two horses whenever she felt they were getting too close to her man. The problem was not helped when all of the dogs got into the new mare's pen and chased her all over the place, sending the horses into a total frenzy. All in all, Gogo had more exercise yesterday and today than she probably has had in two months. She's totally bonkers.... in her stall or in the field, she is NOT having ANYTHING to do with these two new horses! She's also being completely nutty about wanting to go out in the morning, full on back-cracking bucking in place in her stall when the others get to go out before she does! Depite all this accidentla movement, her leg is not really any worse for the wear this evening. She's really quite sound right now! If you didn't know she had an injury, you'd never guess from the way she fluidly glides around her field.

She might not be feeling so hot tomorrow though. We'll just have to see, considering how much torque and stress she put on those hind legs today.

Oh, Gogo.


DressageIsToDance said...

Ah, the joys of an unsocial mare.

Mine tolerates her pasture mates, but she really ignores them for the most part, until they get in her way, or try to get petting from me. Then she makes it known that I am HER mom, and they should LEAVE immediately.

Gogo, however, is just special.

Muriel said...

What a Horse you have! She has LOTS of personnality.
I hope pea-brain did not aggrave her hind. I would say that sensible horses, look after their wounded leg. They protect it by using more the others. Well my mare does it.
But I am not sure that sensible is an adjective for Gogo.

But she must be fantastic when she uses all this energy and attitude to work with you. What a Horse!

Lisa said...

You sound very accepting of Gogo's 'tide today! As in, before you would have been freaking about her leg, but today you are sticking to your plan and not changing anything, confident in the fact that she needs turn out no matter what. That is a good thing! :)

Lisa said...

Gogo's 'TUDE. Sorry. :p

Andrea said...

Yep that's my mare.... 'TUDE. A lot of tude. I know she's going to get reinjured on turnout - it's just a face - so I am just hoping that it doesn't end up being too bad when it does happen, if it hasn't already.

Andrea said...

*fact. We did do what we could to stop her. Apparently to no avail.

SprinklerBandit said...

Oh Gogo... silly thing. She will take full advantage of her new situation, thank you very much.

Rising Rainbow said...

Some mares are just like that. She'll get it figured out the new horses are there to stay and quit using all that excess energy trying to get rid of them. In the meantime, you're right to just accept the behavior. You sure can't control it.

Funder said...

You (and Gogo!) crack me up. Hope she's no worse for the wear!

Anora said...

That's too bad. :( *sympathy*. I hope something will work out or at least *something*.


Dom said...

Well she certainly is athletic.

Abby said...

Well she is the queen after all! She HAS to go out first and OF COURSE she gets total control of what subjects get to come to her kingdom.

Silly Gogo!

...and this is why I will only ever have geldings.

Albigears said...

Hahahah, "well she certainly is athletic."

Yes, if you ever wanted to sell her that is what you could put in her ad.

(yeah, I know you never will)