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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rest in Peace Vista

RIP Vista.

Good old Vista went to sleep this morning after it was discovered that he had bleeding in his abdomen from an undetermined source. The vets suspected ehrlichia, but a belly tap and an ultrasound unfortunately proved otherwise. He was 24 this year and not in great shape - kind of lame, kind of saggy - but he was a super trooper and shlepped his bouncing father around four days a week without fail for the last 14 years. Ted is by far the oldest horse owner and rider I know, and at 86 was still riding actively and making everyone laugh with his ridiculously cheesy humor. The two of them entered the Century club together, one of Ted's proudest moments. Ted's daughter bred Vista, so Ted had known him his entire life. Vista religiously woke me every morning at my last job and home with nonstop screaming for his breakfast as soon as it was light out, and religiously screaming for every subsequent haying, and for his turnout, and for his father, who would come into the barn with an enthusiastic "Vista my boy!" every time without fail.

I love my job, but that job was more like a home and family to me. I miss all of them and it means a lot to me to still be included in everything that goes on over there. They're not far away, so I can and do go visit when I can. I haven't been over there since Lynnie though. Strangely enough, when I was searching for a nice pair of khaki pants to wear to the Bettina clinic, all I could find were the pants Lynnie gave me last summer, so I wore those.

They really are my family. I miss them. And I'll miss Vista.

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Breathe said...

So sorry to hear about Vista. To have a horse 24 years is certainly a blessing, but losing him must be devastating. My thoughts are with them...