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Sunday, August 15, 2010


No Sunday Success Story today - we don't have one for this week, so send in your submissions for next week!!!!!!!!!!!!! - instead I offer you this delicious tidbit:

Canterwork 8/14/10:

I'm amazed the video came out as well as it did. She rode like a ton of bricks to the left today, I had no arm left! You can see her serious body stiffness through her left canter, which is approaching lateral it's so tight. But I'm not worried. She has such a naturally nice canter that it won't be long until she gets stronger and softens up a little. She needs time to build her strength.
And actually, after this video was taken and I continued on with the remainder of my 10 minutes of canterwork, she gave me some AMAZING stuff, especially left! Her walk and trot work post-canter were some of the best she's had since her layup, and maybe ever! I'm bummed that we missed that part on video!

And I have some serious equitation to work on. When she relaxed, I relaxed, but still... kind of mutually exclusive, don't you think?

Looking ahead, we have what I am hoping will be our FINAL ultrasound on Monday, and an in-hand/therapy session with Bettina Drummond next week Saturday. Those of you in the area know how amazing Bettina is - she is a wealth of knowledge and is a regular at our barn, and is helping the working student and I play around with one of my boss' horses who was imported with major trauma and just can't seem to get over it, just as a fun favor to my boss. It's such good stuff that I figured I would be stupid NOT to do a session with Gogo! It's very interesting the type of 'therapy' she does, involving tapping the horse all over with a little plastic bopper... you'll need a video, I can't possibly describe it!



Stacey said...

I think this post is just fine for a Sunday success story! Crazy to think it's been almost a year now. You rock for rehabbing Gogo so carefully. Even with the set backs, you gave her all the time she has asked for.

You guys look awesome in the canter video. I like her little head toss hehe, it wouldn't be a Gogo video without a little personality in it :)

SoraSoul said...
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SoraSoul said...

Oooh, she does endo tapping too? I can't wait to here about your therapy session with Gogo!

That canter video is so nice to see. I bet it was nice to ride as well, well other than having no arms left =)

kippen64 said...

Like you, I also intend to compete on a barefoot horse. A post about why other people think that performance horses need shoes, and suggested solutions to the problems they propose would be great thank you.

kippen64 said...

Silly me clicked on comments before I let the video fully load. It must be great to be giving her canter work when there was a time when that seemed so far off.

Albigears said...


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Gogo's tail gets me every time...soooo ridiculousy beautiful! :)
Also, she looks like a dream to ride AND you make her look like a dream. What a lovely trot and a canter. Wow. I had to watch the 'ask' for the canter like 10 times b/c it was so flawless!!!

Ashley said...

Kristen's comment made me laugh. All I could see when I watched that video was her tail. It is the most gorgeous tail evvvvvvver!!