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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Running on Dunkin

Gogo and I had an excellent adventure today. It was our two-hour conditioning hack day, and given that it was gorgeous and hot out, I decided to make it a conditioning hack with a purpose beyond fitness.

That's right, we went to the Dunkin drive-thru.

Of course, it wasn't without work. We started off with a 10-minute walk warmup through the orchard, and then continued on with our 25 minutes of trotwork around and around the orchard. The orchard's not really all that big, so we went around through the trees many times! I considered taking her out on the road and doing trotwork, but I worry about how quickly several hours of work on pavement wears a foot. Gogo is back on Gro N' Win now (yes!! I will write about that adventure shortly), which is far superior to any ration balancer I've found on the market, so with luck, she'll start rapidly putting out foot (my past experience with it). I actually put her together at some point (because she was doing the gravitational pull back towards the barn and almost ran into a tree), and she actually ended up doing spectacularly with that, reaching down for the bit and giving me a decent bit of stretch through the entire workout. We were both sweating by the time we were done, and from here, we headed out on the journey.

Gogo's road rules are incredibly defunct. She believes that she really ought to be able to walk all over the road, wherever she pleases, and why should she stay far to the right, those cars aren't scary and they would NEVER hit her, she's too important! There is a lot of pinball-esque channelling when it comes to her walks - she bounces back and forth between my legs just because she wants to look around and go in all directions at once, in a totally eager way.

And then.... there it was!

One Strawberry Coolata and one blueberry muffin later, we were back on our way, and made it home just in time to watch Mine That Bird get his butt kicked by his own half-brother, Summer Bird.

She's the best, that silly mare.


Now That's A Trot! said...

Too funny. I'm a DD addict and one of the barns I may move to has a drive-thru literally around the corner. I'm playing up the great prices and indoor, but I think we all know what the REAL selling point is... ;D

manymisadventures said...

Oh, how fun!

Someday I'll have to write up a post with pictures and video from our entire high school equestrian team riding FROM our high school campus TO the local Dairy Queen and going through the drive through.

Man, did we get some weird looks at the stoplight...

Kate said...

What fun - I love the pictures of your horse in the drive-through lane! Your horse seems pretty unflappable!

Java's Mom said...

OK, this is great! recently found, and love your blog, and what a good girl gogo!!

JW.BW said...

Soooo funny!!! What a great place to beable to stop!! Good girl Gogo!
I am interested to hear about your new hoof supplement. I recently took Syd's shoes off and I am wondering if I can keep them off when I bring her back into work after my deployment next year.

Suzie (Echo) said...

That's the funniest thing I have seen for ages. What a good idea!

LeopardAppy said...

MMMM.. I love to go to the the Pink and Orange sign. I only get to go in my trailer. It is to far away from the pasture to walk to.

Patricia said...

Ha ha ha! Remember when we rode to Wendy's? That day rocked.