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Saturday, June 13, 2009

AWWW! Baby Gogo jumps some jumps!

AWWW!! On Youtube, one of my friends posted a really old video of Gogo and I in a Stadium class lesson in 2006. I hadn't had Gogo for more than a few months, and she had just recently turned 5. This was one of her first courses, really. When I got her, she could trot crossrails, and that's about it. She was a very fast study and quickly graduated from 'Green Beans' classes to real Stadium classes at school. I think she'd been going over fences for maybe three or so months at this point. Isn't she cute!

(The cheering in the background is from Bud, our best, most inspirational, and most awesome jump instructor ever. She believed in us and made me believe in us too!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, I love your blog, and read it daily. I am looking to get my first horse, and I was wondering if you could give me any helpful advice (:


purpleshamp2 said...

I personally think that we should record Bud's cheering and play it all the time in the barn for inspiration

Andrea said...

About Bud: totally.

Anon, I'm not an expert by any means but I'll help out with anything I can :) What would you like to know?

Anonymous said...

Hi andrea,

Just really anything I should expect in the first year of owning my first horse. I'm hoping to start eventing by next year, so if you have any good advice with that, like preparing for it and what not, that'd be great too (: