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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I just got an e-mail in from the secretary at Groton House saying they have all my stuff (and that the recieved my other check for the correct amount, because the first check I sent in was overpaid by $19... how did I add the fees twice??), and that she's keeping her fingers crossed for us in the draw. Wait, what?? I might not make the draw?? I sent in my entry online at 12:01am on the opening day! Well, apparently what the organizers have to do for such a big show is take all of the entries on opening day (from 12:01am to 11:59pm) and do the draw from that group. That's it. And they're oversubscribed. So there is a very real possibility I won't get in. It's such a special and huge show that everyone and their mother wants in, and I imagine that with Groton House combining their I and II events into one big horse trial, the number of people who don't get in is going to be big.

And then my little heart will break. Or well, be very very very sad anyway.

So keep your fingers crossed for us. Send along all of the blog reader positive energy you can muster, because you never know.

EDIT: I do have good news though; I have a backup plan! So that Gogo and I still get to an event this month if we don't make the Groton House draw, I went back and checked the Omnibus, and good news! The Great Vista H.T. is on June 28th, that same weekend, and is going to continue to accept entries until June 22nd. It's not that expensive ($175 including stabling versus Groton House which is $429 including stabling... that one was a birthday gift from my mother, or else I'd NEVER be able to afford it!!), it's only one day, and it's still points towards the Leaderboard. It's probably a three hour drive, but so is Groton House. So hey, I've got something to fall back on, right?


allira said...

oh that doesn't seem fair at all, but I'll deffinetely have my fingers crossed for you!!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you get in - after all, somebody has to and why not you?

STB Eventer said...

Here's hoping you get into Groton House! It is a fantastic event and while you are in Area I I do hope you get to try it! Sending all of my positive thoughts! :)

*Sharon* said...

Sending you all the positive vibes I can.
You will ride at Groton House.

And we want video this time!