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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pup Portraits: Chaos for Cookies

As some of you guys know, I have a complete menagerie of pets aside from Gogo. I am a sucker for a critter in need, which is how I ended up with a Greyhound (rescued from the track), a Doberman/Rottweiler (on a chain in somebody's backyard), and a Corgi (running loose on the highway with no owner to be found). They are ridiculously amusing and all wonderful companions. They also all have a set of tricks that I've taught them, as follows:

Ti (Greyhound): Lay down, sit, sit pretty, up, dance, turn around, shake (standing and sitting, with both paws), crawl, bow
Tonka (Dobe/Rott): Sit, shake (both paws), lay down, play dead, turn around
Twiggy (Corgi): Sit, shake, dance, speak, roll over

I should teach them more tricks, I like teaching dogs useless and funny tricks.

Anyway, here's a video of the three of them going completely nuts over cookie time and (sort of) doing some of their tricks. Mostly it's just them crashing into each other and trying to steal everybody else's cookies. Oh I love them so.


jenj said...

I love how "Twiggy" becomes "Turkey". Teehee! Also, the "ded dawg" is suspicious... he looks awfully hungry and expectant for all that he's ded.

Julie K said...

Awwww I love them!

A Corgi rolling over is the cutest thing!

goodtimetoreview said...

Love them all!

SprinklerBandit said...

Honestly, I'm impressed you were able to teach a corgi anything. Mine specializes in training me and not the other way around. ;-)

They are adorable.

M said...

Is there a post on how you acquired your dogs? I love them! I love big dogs but have a soft spot for Corgis.

Andrea said...

No, but I'll have to do a side post on how I ended up with them all.... it's a good story! (And I hate Corgis.... but I just fell in love with this one!)

Val said...

I like how it looks like Ti gives Twiggy a push to roll over. I guess he thought the corgi was wasting precious cookie time. They are adorable! I would love to read about how you acquired them.

Young Equestrian said...

You can feel free to mail me your Corgi any time... CUTE!

Becky & Digby said...

oh my gosh! they are sooo cute!! :) i love them all!

Dressager said...

I love the "BANG" trick!

Checkmark115 said...

I was highly amused :)
Funny, since my dogs name is Tonka too and he is a min pin. Tonka's play dead was seriously awesome. I must teach my Tonka this.

biomistake said...

Wow your dogs are all so gorgeous! I love all three of them. Some of my favorite breeds and colors. :D Their names and tricks are adorable too. I laughed when Twiggy rolled and Ti stepped on her. :) Thanks for sharing the video and I'm with everyone else. I'd love to read a post about how you came to have your beautiful pups.

achieve1dream said...

Oops I was logged into my husbands account lol. The comment by biomistake was me. :D