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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Help with a name!

JenJ and I were having a discussion today about my (eventual, future) trimming business and we decided that the name I had picked out did not remotely suit the business, nor did it match the logo that I'd like to use for it. She mentioned to me that the name of her blog/farm came from a reader, and suggested I post my logo and ask my readers for business name ideas.

If you steal my logo though, I will hunt you down and sic my whale-mare on you!
(Note: the logo is a doodle, a hand design that needs a lot of finishing. So it's just an idea for now... any further suggestions are appreciated!)

I was thinking that it should potentially have something nautical as a name to go along with the compass rose theme - I grew up boating and still love it so it fits well. Or something travel/exciting/direction/adventure related... let your imaginations run wild!


Katherine Erickson said...

True North Trimming!

(compass related, alliterative, and gives a sense of being "the right way" (or at least a very good way!))

Kelly said...

Love the design! I would've realised it was hand-drawn if you hadn't said that. Depending on your trimming style, you could go with Four Points Trimming :-P Or how about the Hoof Compass Company. Or a variation of the cardinal directions - NSEW Trimming (or SEWN or SNEW or WENS - not sure if any of those could be an initialism for a hoof/trimming-related phrase. Going to stop now because the word "compass" is starting to lose meaning!

Young Equestrian said...

Perhaps some sort of play on the words 'bear' (not like the berry eating mammal) or 'bearing'? It holds meaning in navigation and is also a sort of play on words considering the fact that you will be a barefoot trimmer.

Sand. said...

It's a steal, but

"New Directions: Natural Trims"


Barbara said...

Compass Corrections

thistimedressage said...

A variation on Sand's:

Natural Directions HoofCare

Some others, nautical & directional

Fathom Equine Hoofcare

North Star Hoofcare

Starboard Hoofcare

Upperdeck Trimmming

Horse Latitudes Hoofcare

(this is a cool one because this is actually a real term for tropical latitudes)

Trade Winds Trimming

Jana said...

I love Katherine's idea (True North Trimming). But from a marketing perspective, I would recommend using your name, so you are promoting YOU and any services you offer can have names, too. So, it would be Andrea G___'s True North Trimming and Andrea G___'s Awesome Blog and Andrea G___'s Really Wonderful Book About Gogo... and Andrea G___'s Whatever Other Products and Services She Decides to Offer in the Future... you get the idea. :)

SillyPony said...

-80 Days
-Barefoot Journey
-Sole Directions
-Sole Journey
-Go Go Sole

Sorry, got on a sole=soul kick. :) Can't wait to see what you decide!

Sparkling said...

Interesting that Katherine said True NOrth because we just had a barn open here called True North!!

eventer79 said...

I don't have any genius name suggestions, but on the logo, I would definitely simplify. Love your idea, but the hoof is lost in the details. I'd stick with the four cardinal points and as few lines as possible so the hoofprint can stand out. Great idea!

Andrea said...

Solo's Mom, what do you think of the idea of highlighting/bringing the hoof forward in the picture - maybe maybe adding some sort of shading to it and behind it so that it pops out from the compass? I think you're right, that the hoof itself is too intertwined in the details of the compass because it is connected to it. What do you think?

Dressager said...

New (Directions/Adventure) Trimming?
Setting Sail?

But I really do like True North. It sounds very nice.

Hmmm, I don't really know, but I can digitize and clean-up your design with my tablet free-of-charge since it would only take a few minutes! It's so creative and it makes one really study it!

DressageIsToDance said...

I'm no good with names, obviously, as my blog title is Chestnut Mare Syndrome, HOWEVER, if you'd like some quality but free work done to the logo to make it digital and add some simple color to it, I would be happy to do it for you.

I used to run a graphic design business on the side, until my current job kind of put it on the back burner and it faded out...running it alone just didn't pay for the horse. But I still do a lot of digital art for fun.

Melissa said...

Ooh, what a creative idea for a logo! I really like that. I agree with Eventer79 that the hoof is getting lost in the rose right now. You could simplify the rose and use wider lines for the hoof to help it pop out more.

One thing to keep in mind is what the average person will think when they hear your business's name. I worked for a company that started life as Puget Sound Systems - people thought we sold sound equipment. Nope, custom computers. The company was named for Puget Sound here in WA, and 'system' is a generally accepted term for a computer, right? Well, not outside the computer enthusiast community, which includes more of our customers than we'd ever expected. The company has been through several name changes since then to try and make their product clear. So it's worth keeping in mind what people will assume you do when they see your company listed in the yellow pages, or if they'll be able to find you when searching for hoofcare services. If nothing else, you'll get tired of telling people no, you don't have any car stereos. :-)

Good luck! I'm excited for you.

Sydney said...

Love the idea but darker emphasis on the hoof in the middle so it draws your eye to the focus (feet!)

TBA said...

I like Katherine's "True North Trimming" and thistimedressage's "Natural Directions [Hoofcare]". And I love your logo! For being a prototype, it looks great so far :)

Frizzle said...

Brightworks Trimming?

Completely agree that the logo is a bit too busy and the hoof does get lost. At first, I was like, "What does that have to do with hooves?....Oh." I would make the hoof bigger and more prominent, and tone down the rest of the logo.

Mare said...

I'm sorry, I can't get past Whale Mare! LOL!

Kate said...

I actually LOVE your logo, and I have a degree in graphic design :) I think a bit more emphasis on the hoof would be great, or even a different hue/shade for the hoof. For instance, if you had the compass in a dark colour, make the hoof a few shades lighter, or the other way around. I like "True North" but at the same time you did just move south to TX, so that is kind of contradictory.

Heather said...

New Direction Hoof Care

Naturally Traveling Hooves

Val said...

Sound Directions Hoofcare

(Because so many people turn to barefoot when nothing else works. And sound is nautical!)

I love your logo! I also agree with those who suggested bringing the hoof more into focus.

I drew a logo for a barn once. I put a completely dark background behind a horse head encircled by a horseshoe (what was I thinking there?) and hands. My design was altered to include a person on the horse, but they kept the dark background, horse head, and framing features of my design.

So my suggestion is to darken the area behind the hoof (the shading you mentioned), make the NEWS very bare bones and keep the hoof in the center. You draw a nice line by the way!

Kate said...

I love Kate's comment. I think the logo's fantastic, and the hoof should be brought out a little more, but I would caution against bringing it out too much. That's why I like the hue idea.

As for names, I'm uninventive. My first thought was "True North Trimming" but after seeing the comments, it appears I was beaten to it :)

vehemently said...

Next Adventure Hoof Trimz!

I also like True North AND think that your name should be in the name of your business since you own it and you would be trimming.

I really just want to use your name and then roller derby-ify it somehow but I can't think of anything. I will, dammit.

ladyingrey said...
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HammersArk said...

I would try to be witty if it were me with something like

Barefoot and Fancyfree Barefoot Trimming

I'm not very creative about such things - we ended up nameing our farmette HH Acres because my last name starts w/ an H and the buisness partners last name starts w/ an H... blah...

Give me an animal or child and it's much easier!