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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Magical Mystery Mare

Hmmmmm. Apparently Gogo has made it her mission to keep me completely and utterly confused at all times during this rehab. She's very nearly sound, despite the leg looking as ugly as ever. She's just as 'nearly' sound as she has been in the past few videos I've posted. We put her on the lunge this afternoon, and lo and behold she is no different than she has been - a few funny steps here and there if you look for them, but mostly pretty darn sound. Mare, you're KILLING me here! You are a perpetual mystery!

In other news, check out how much change there has been in her feet since pulling her off of the grass:

The photos are shot from different angles but you get the gist. First one was from about two or three weeks ago, second is from today. She was in need of a trim in the first photo (that was right after she fully exfoliated) and could probably stand for a touch-up in the second. Can't wait to see what we have when the new growth hits the ground... it's almost there!

I also, um.... may have shaved her four-inch mohawk off.

It was funny..... after I did it, I stepped back to look at her and went HOLY COW, she is NOT actually as morbidly obese as I thought she was! Instant Visual Weight Loss!
But, she is still pretty dang fat anyway..... check out the comparison photos of last August and this August:

Longtime readers will recall that this time last year, Gogo's rehab consisted of 30 minutes of loose rein walk, 20 minutes of walk work on the bit, 20 minutes of trotting, and 15 minutes of cantering, six days a week. She was stronger and fitter than ever.... hence that gorgeous top picture of her looking muscular and beautiful.

Annnnnnd the bottom picture.... she looks um...... fat. But I guess not as fat as I thought. But still pretty fat. Could that possibly be a topline from walking around so much on her own in the grazing postion for these past eight months? Could be.... but it's probably just a crest. (MAYBE there is some muscle under there. Impossible to tell.... she is just too fat.)

But I DO think she has lost a LITTLE bit of weight. How could she not? It's 95947282040959392 degrees out there every day! (Literally, this is almost 40 straight days of 100+ degree temps every day... and it hasn't rained here since May.)


Fat though she may be, you can't deny that she is still completely adorable:

One of our boarders is a long-time Trakehner breeder, and she raves about how gorgeous Gogo is and tells me every time she sees me that I should breed her. I WISH.


Frizzle said...

That is one fat chunk of mare blubber!! Maybe, um...she has a thyroid problem? Or perchance she is just distantly related to manatees?

And she's not as fat as you thought she was?! Exactly how super morbidly obese did you think she was?!! :-P She does look darn cute, though.

Checkmark115 said...

Holy bleached out fatmareface batman! She IS adorable though! :)

I feel ya on the heat. It rained for the first time in a month here, and the heat index hasn't gone below the triple digits in over a month. thank god for rain.

DressageIsToDance said...

I think the grass belly also adds to it. It's hard to avoid when they are on any sort of long-time turnout.

Although the pony I used to lease was on 24/7 turnout...and NEVER got one. I didn't understand it. He just kept looking like a 14hh Warmblood, fit, no grass belly...

jenj said...

At least those cute (slightly sunbleached) dapples distract the eye from the belly. ;)

Dressager said...

She's still a cutie.

Once again, I will apologize for the TX weather: I swear it's not usually like this!

SprinklerBandit said...

Yeah, minus the mohawk she looks a lot better. It just added oomph where she didn't need any extra.

I guess the skinny skater boys can rock it, but Ms. Va Va Voom needs something, uh, sleeker.

Val said...

She is gorgeous. Love the dapples.

TheHorseTalker said...

Aww, she is very cute. Hopefully she will lose some weight soon! It's so hard to keep their weight down when all they want to do is stuff their faces!

achieve1dream said...

Agreed. Absolutely adorable. Shaving the Mohawk did help a little with the weight issue lol. I'm sure she will remind you that the camera adds about a hundred pounds lol.

I'm curious too why she's sound, but really mostly just happy that she is. :)