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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Plethora of Birthdays!

Happy 10th birthday to Gogo!!
Happy 3rd birthday to Snidgey!!
Happy 1st birthday to Tonka!!

Today was one giant birthday party for half of my herd of animals. I can't believe Gogo was barely five when I bought her.... can't believe Snidgey could fit into the palm of my hand when I first brought her home.... can't believe Tonka has put on almost 40lbs in five months since this past January.

Who knew that this tiny little thing.....

Would turn into this GIANT HAIRBALL?

Tonka looks much the same now as when I first got her back in January:

Except she's put on nearly 40lbs. How she spends most of her days:

She is the best. I am so lucky to have her.

And of course, Momma Mare got plenty of snacks (and drooled them all over me):

Tomorrow Gogo goes back to the vet for her six month ultrasound.... nervous but excited for sure. Wish us luck!


Veronica Lodge said...

Happy Birthday Everyone! Geminis...the twins :)

Amy B said...

happy birthday to everyone, and good luck at the vet! though, based on her looking very sound these days, I imagine you'll have good news!

Val said...

Happy Birthday furry ones! Your cat is a handsome beast. I love gray cats.

jenj said...

Happy Birthday to Everyone!

Tonka looks like she has a truly ruff life - chasing water all day must be tough. And your grey poofball is adorable! Does she actually let you rub her belly, or is it a trap, where you put your hand down to pet and ZAM! she nabs you?

Gogomare is cute as ever. Good luck on the ultrasound!

Dom said...

Happy birthday to everyone :) Tonka makes me so happy. I can't believe it's been six months already.

Andrea said...

Ohhhh Jen it's a trap. You put your hand on her belly and it's all over.... that's when she's most wild and dangerous, she's claw side up!!
My little Mimi lets me rub her belly... she's the only one. The other two tell me in no uncertain terms to eff off when I try!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Happy Bday to all your furkids!!!

Kate said...

Tonka is beautiful and I love her name. Happy Birthday to all of your critters!

Laura M said...

Happy Birthday to all of your furrbabies and good luck with the ultrasound!

Nicku said...

Happy Joint Birthday!!! Pongo turns 5 today too!

Dressager said...

Happy BIG Birthday!!!! Gogo is such a lady :) And holy cow I want to play with Tonka!!!

Also that song playing the background in the truck on Tonka's video..... I love that song. Love it. Never gets old.

achieve1dream said...

Happy Birthday to all of your critters. I loved the video of Tonka. Too cute!!

Good luck on the ultrasound.