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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Very Brief Update

Well, we can't be sure of what's going on, but it appears as though Gogo has possibly blown an adhesion, or might have reinjured herself, probably at some point two days ago. I sat on her in the late afternoon, and she didn't really feel so great. It seemed to get progressively worse pretty quickly, and when I dismounted and checked the leg, there was pronounced swelling in the tendon sheath. That's probably indicative of an adhesion tearing, which in and of itself isn't bad, but if you remember the last time she tore an adhesion, this can also take pieces of good tendon with it.
Yesterday, there was still a fair bit of swelling in the leg; I snapped a few pictures which I will upload later. Today, the leg looks quite close to normal again. I was going to put her on the lunge to get a better look at her, but it was 106 degrees and I was feeling pretty depressed about the whole mess. (It's still 90 degrees at almost midnight right now.... yikes.) Maybe tomorrow if I get ambitious I'll see what I can see.
At this point, I really need to be realistic. Yes, blowing an adhesion isn't really all that bad, but if it's more than that I don't really know what I'm going to do. What are we really trying to do here?

I'll write more about it later. I need a nightcap.


Veronica Lodge said...

Crossed fingers everything is ok. She is always welcome to come and live at my farm in Ontario and eat grass all day :)

Jenny said...

Sorry to hear the news! But hopefully no ill effects on long-term prognosis! Fingers crossed here, too!

DressagePonyDiva said...

I really hope Gogo is ok and she recovers quickly, keep us all posted!

Barbara said...

If it is an adhesion tearing loose, that could be a good thing - one less problem in the future. We will all keep fingers crossed that this is all it is.

Lisa said...

Crapetty crap crap.

Kate said...

:( sending good thoughts to you and Gogo.

Marion Princic said...

Get better soon Gogo so your human mum doesn´t have to worry so much about you! xx

jenj said...

:( Sending good, healing thoughts your way.