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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Ten-don Commandments

The Ten-don Commandments (Or, Life Rules Which I Must Live By):

1) Thou shalt not circle. Ever, for any reason at all.
2) Thou shalt stay on flat hard surfaces and good footing, and in straight lines, all the time.
3) Thou shalt wrap. Thou shalt attempt to wean off of wraps, thou shalt fail. Thou shalt continue to try.
4) Thou shalt continue to ice and coldhose for many months after it is recommended. Because thou canst.
5) Thou shalt stare at the grass turnouts and think, "maybe next year."
6) Thou shalt read what the vet recommends in terms of a recovery timeframe, and double it.
7) Thou shalt become extremely aquainted with lower limb anatomy, light sedation, alternative therapies, and running shoes for thine own lardy butt.
8) Thou shalt stare wistfully at thy friends' Facebook albums of this year's eventing adventures and wish it was you.
9) Thou shalt learn every single nuance about thine own horse's limbs and just how much heat and edema is normal for a particular day. Thou shalt also find that suddenly after three years, she has decideth that even though you have been scratching her withers faithfully the entire time, she will now finally reciprocate.
10) Thou shalt not give up hope.

((Be gone, curly leggeth wonder! Mine clippers hath done the deed! Wow that is horrible Old English.))


Lexie said...

Keep the faith! Follwing the commandments will lead to strong tendons and true bonding!

heater a. said...

Lol, that was awesome. You can guys do it!

Val said...

Thou dost shine in thy cleverness.

Albigears said...

Hang in there.

Running4TheRoses said...

Especially loved the doubling of the vet's time frame and the icing of the legs long after it's recommended. Oh, and I've just bought my own running shoes, so I feel your pain. Here's to more than five months of no riding, taking care of my beastly (but lovable) OTTB!

Denali's Mom said...

OMG I love it! I need to think that way too.