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Thursday, May 6, 2010

End of April Analysis

I have lots to write about - the clinic for one!! - but I am late on my April goals! So without further ado....

April Goals:

1) Not break down/freak out every time I get a little too emotional over this horrible blow!
I think I am handling it pretty much as well as I can really! Although I gotta say, I was a crabby em-effer this month for about two weeks, Chris can attest to that. I was feeling awfully lousy about it... and still do, honestly. But I am trying to focus my energies elsewhere to keep my mind off of it.

2) Start to build from 10 minutes of handwalking to 15, then 20, then 25 by the end of the month
Success! She is now back on the treadmill for a 25 minute cycle. Quite honestly, the safest and best place for her: a controlled setting and speed, a flat and hard surface in a perfectly straight line.... what more could a rehab horse ask for?

3) Near the end of the month, start treadmill work again on Level 1 (flat setting)

Success, see above :)

4) Stay positive!
Doing my best. Actually, I think I'm being pretty damn chipper about it all.

5) Start handgrazing a little every day
Success! The grass is in and growing strong, and Fattie McFatFat is now grazing 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon. Any more than that, and I am pretty sure she will literally explode.

May Goals:
1) Go back to Dr. Creden for her 2-month ultrasound checkup
2) Maybe possibly hopefully if all goes well and the stars align get back on her for tackwalking again!?
3) Research booting/traction ideas for next year
4) Continue to STAY POSITIVE!
5) make a list of supplies needed for next year (the ultimate wish list).... hey a girl can dream can't she?

Don't have too much time to write much more. Fattie is happy with her day-in-day-out schedule, and so am I. Mostly. Except King Oak is this weekend, and I'm not riding in it. Sigh...



Melissa said...

I still love her pink-and-blue-and-gold halter. Too cute!

Glad everything's going according to plan.

Kate said...

I'm sure Fattie McFat is saying, no! let me graze more! :) She looks beautiful as always.

eventer79 said...

Woot, congrats on meeting your goals! And ms. princess looks so relaxed and happy!