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Friday, February 12, 2010

Poster Child A Go-Go

I was contacted a short while ago by Emily Daily from the USEA reguarding one of the awesome pictures my mother took of Gogo and I at the AECs and whether or not they could use it for the Awards section of the USEA website. I said yes - who wouldn't! - and lo and behold look! There's my mare looking gorgeous, as always! A big THANK YOU to Emily and to the USEA for honoring us on their website, and another huge THANK YOU to Daun, the one who originally prompted me to send in my qualifications. How awesome is that!

Gogo continues to look better and better. I would say she's even sounder today than she was on Thursday, which is marvelous. Today she got turnout for the first time since Sunday, so I gave her a cc of Ace just in case she did something stupid. She was in happy la-la land, and was more than delighted to go outside and munch hay for an hour and a half with her buddies around her. Tomorrow I plan on getting on her again to see how she feels - the true test of how she's actually doing - and hopefully will be able to outline a better plan from there. Talking to Dr. C today, it sounds as though she likely just stretched out a very small adhesion to the point of rupture, and since there was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of heat or swelling in the leg, that it was probably pretty insignificant (I hope). A few fibers break up and get reabsorbed, and then off you go on your merry way, if all goes according to plan. If everything checks out OK, we might be able to try cantering again in about a week or so, just a little bit. We shall see how it goes tomorrow.

It's getting lighter out earlier, staying lighter out layer, and not dipping into the teens at night anymore - could it be that spring might be on the horizon? Let's hope so, I am itching to get out and try my barefoot shoes more! I am sick of the indoors!

(Gogo looking lovely at the 2008 Prix de Villes... I think all shows should have such fabulous ribbons!)


Heather (hpalmete) said...

Congrats on the picture... what an amazing compliment! And on all the healing Gogo has going on. That's super good news all around and a great start to the weekend.

Heather said...

I love the checkerboard on her rump! She is such a classy mare!

LiveToFly said...

Love your Prix de Villes picture and happy to hear that GoGo is feeling better! Do you ever plan on coming back to LEC for the Prix again?

Andrea said...

LiveToFly, nope. I have absolutely no interest in ever setting foot on that property ever again. Lots of reasons, probably none of which I would force a current student to hear unless you wanted to.

Minus Pride said...

congrats on the awesome picture!!