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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wahe Guru

Gogo and I out for our "hack" on Wednesday.

Do you ever swear that horses know when things are up? I think sometimes they pick up on our emotional disturbances and make an extra effort to let us know we're appreciated. I know that's totally anthropomorphizing, but... sometimes I really feel like it's true. Regardless, Gogo was in a stunningly good and sweet mood today, the best I can remember her being in since the injury. I walked in the barn and first went to a client in the grooming stall who was worried about her horse because he hadn't finished his grain (he's fine). I heard a very demanding nicker behind me and turned around to see Gogo standing with her head out, staring intently at me. Normally she always pokes her head out whenever she hears my voice, but this was different, very insistent. I went over to see her, and scratched her neck over the stall door. She started grooming me very, very insistently, very thoroughly, just with her lip. She hardly EVER does this, even when I try and get her to reciprocate a scratch. When I stopped scratching her and tried to walk away, she wrapped her head around me and pulled me back in! She even ignored her hay for a good 10 or so minutes while watching me walk back and forth in the barn, just staring at me the entire time. She was in a ridiculously good mood all morning, watching everything around her while in her turnout, nibbling her hay, ears pricked the entire time.

This past Thursday, she graduated to the next size paddock (yay!!) AND to 15 minutes of trotwork. Very exciting! The paddock size (this was the first day out):

And today:

Ooops I've been spotted.

Yesterday, I opted for spa day instead of riding, because it was warm enough to do so. She was just hairy and gross, and as I'm accustomed to having a nice clipped horse in the winter, I just couldn't stand her nastiness anymore. Not to mention a more concerning factor: she is FAT and I have a half-hearted hope that maybe now she'll use calories trying to keep warm. In a heated barn with a haircoat on light work.... it's not easy to stay trim. Once I got to clipping, what I thought was a big nasty haircoat ended up being hardly any hair at all, so it was a quick job. The lighting wasn't the best, so I realized today that I REALLY missed some spots! It wasn't quite the freakishly good clip job that I did last year, but it's not so bad. We stood her up today for pictures:

Holy CRAP is she ever fat. I'm practically starving her and I still can't get her to shed those pounds. I guess they probably won't go away until we get into real gallop-type work... but that's a couple months away yet.

But isn't she pretty. Look at the bionic tail!

Under saddle today, Gogo continued her freakishly bright, cheerful, happy streak, and was nothing less than amazing. She was light, responsive, connected, and best of all, NOT spooky at the scary end of the ring! She's finally stopped leaping around whenever the door moves at the scary end of the ring, but even up until a few days ago she was still putting her head up and scooting past the door quickly every time we passed. Not today! Today she was just feeling GOOD. I let her pick a trot rhythm that was comfortable for her, and off she went, power trotting around the ring like Superwoman, still connected and using her entire body with every step. It felt great, and she felt so sound and strong. I didn't let her go at the bigger pace for very long, but instead experimented to see how much she'd stretch - she practically put her nose on the ground, still in the big trot, still swinging and connected. I haven't been able to try and stretch her at the trot for a LONG time for fear that if she went bolting off I wouldn't be able to stop her in a timely manner. Not only did I get to ride her long and low her today, but she gave me that extraordinary stretch. I think all this walk work is really quite helpful. It gets us both to slow things down and take them piece by piece, ironing out the kinks and figuring out exactly where out bodies need to be. She just felt AWESOME today.

Not to mention the weather was a balmy 45 degrees today, and the scenery around the barn has just been amazingly gorgeous:

I dunno why Gogo was in such a fantastic mood all day, but it made me feel great. I can't not be thankful for Metro's sacrifice today, and remember what he gave to me when he died: the barefoot cause, an undying drive to help the injured around me, and a chance to let a little Gogomare into my life. Thank you Cookieman. I really appreciated today.


Dressager said...

Greta's mood today sounded quite similar. Weird. Good, but weird....

Funder said...

I'm so happy that you ended up at such a wonderful place and you have such a wonderful mare! However, I am somewhat disappointed that Gogo's socks are not white as snow. What kind of slacker spa day was that! :P

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that she's coming back so well! And you're not anthromorphizing to think horses can pick up on our emotions - they are actually more sensitive to this stuff than most of us are.

Andrea said...

Funder, they ARE white as snow! They just look dark because they're in the shadow of that freakishly amaingly gorgeous tail of hers! :P

Val said...

Happy Mare = Happy Owner
I always have to let my horse get some "power trot" in a ride. Very fun. This is definitely a good sign of Gogo's progress!

Ashleigh said...

I work for a therapeutic riding program- trust me, you're not anthromorphisizing. Horses can read emotions extraordinarily well and they will act on what you are feeling, I see it every day.

Meghan said...

That tail is disgusting. Can't even stand it. Must look away.

Can sympathize with the fatness problem. Sofie gets a smaller ration of hay at night than the other horses, even the ones who never get ridden. Fortunately she seems to be maintaining a good weight with exercise three or four times a week.

Glad you had such a good day. You deserve it.

Breanna said...

Ok so I have a question regarding clipping: Do you ever have problems with the girth irritating the skin from clipping? I'm afraid to clip where the girth goes because my mare has gotten rubbed spots during the spring when she's shedding, and I'm afraid the same will happen if I clip.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about horses picking up on emotions. The Belgian I used to drive all the time would always have his own quirky little games, but if I was having a bad day it's like he KNEW. No silly games, that boy would be on his best behavior all night and just rather cuddle instead of play.