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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seasons of Love

How do you measure a year in the life?

Measure in love.
Hard to believe the Eventing-A-Gogo blog is approaching a year old. I started it last year in November... that is wild.

In the winter, she was freshly clipped and a little too hot for her own good with the addition of Ultium to her diet. Springtime rolled around, and she was FAT! Mid-summer came, and you can see by her dull expression in the third photo that this was when she was lyme-y and miserable. And the fall picture was taken today, even though she wasn't in the mood to cooperate much. That picture isn't great, but you can at least see that her topline hasn't totally melted off yet. But it already looks worse than it did. I worked SO HARD for that topline!

And wow. A lot can change in a year.

The seasons are turning right now as we speak. Gogo is suddenly turning dark bay again, quite a change from her recent summer bleach. She's starting to get a little peach fuzz, just enough to give her a little fluff against the autumn chill. Fall is my favorite season. Ethel Walkers was today... it was supposed to be her first Training. She was ready.

This is my favorite picture of the day:

She was not a cooperative picture poser today. But at the same time, I'm glad she's still being a snot, because it means that even though she's bored and unhappy with life in general, she's still got her fighting spirit.


On an unrelated note, I now have way more followers with blogs than I can possilby even begin to keep up with! I periodically ask my readers to leave a comment with a link to their blogs, just so I can go and check them all out, and I'm doing it again now. So if you have something you'd like me to read, click on add a comment and fire away!


Dressager said...

I know you check on my blog lol!
That is soo cool to see the progress pictures. I need to get quad-yearly condition pictures of Greta, just so I can see how everything stands. It's not a bad idea.

Gogo looks so fiesty! That's good she still feels like her Gogo self: too good for pictures. She thinks that if people want to see her awesome-ness they need to come out and see for themselves!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic with the yellow in the background.

*Sharon* said...

Sure, come and visit us!

A bay mare, hoping for success in eventing with bare feet.
Sounds familiar?

But this is possum and me, in New Zealand.

SoraSoul said...

She really looks gorgeous against all those fall colors :~)

I've got a bare-foot bay Dressage prospect that you can read about. I think she and GoGo would have a fun time being spunky mares together.

Paigeley said...

NOOO!!!! my school play haunts me even here!!!!
sorry ;)awesome post by the way

Sam said...

I hate that you and Gogo were denied going to your first training ): When she comes back to work, do you think you'll do a novice or two first, or will you guys move on to training?

Beautiful pictures!

Kim said...

Our blog isn't nearly as fun as yours, just about a poor college girl and an OTTB trying to progress (and a 25 year old retired QH). I've loved reading your blog though, and I thought I should finally say hi! I just want to say how much I admire you - you have done right by Gogo every step of the way!

Andrea said...

I'm not sure what we will do yet. I think it will depend mostly on how fit she is at the start of the season, provided she makes a complete recovery in an orderly enough fashion. I can get back on her and walk in three weeks, and with a whole huge ton of luck, we are supposed to start trotting again in December. She'll likely run a Novice first, although I did take her out cold turkey this year for her first even Novice at our first event of the season, and that obviously went just fine! (I'll tell you what though, when you're on a green horse that just moved up a level, those Novice fences can look mightly intimidating... I was peeing myself at King Oak, but at the AECs I was like psh, this is a cakewalk!)

Veronica Lodge said...

Great pics.

My blog is random, lots about eventing and being in your earlys 20s though.

Nicku said...

Come on by, we event west coast style. My mare is coming back from an injury too, but we're looking forward to being back in full work in the next month or so I hope!

Beth said...

I read you every post more would you????

I have jumped around in my horse direction lately and think I have finally settled...back to boring old pleasure quarter horses!

Come check us out...

The Equus Ink said...

Love the fall shots. GoGo is gogolicious!

From the race-track to the show ring; the blog all about my OTTB "Ink" and I's progress together.

Kate said...

City girl moving to a small town soon, I used to ride (more guts than style) and just might get back into it now that I'm moving out of Canada's largest city to a town of about 24,000 people.

Karma Anais said...

It's great to see so many of us with our horsey blogs. I have an 8yo QH broodmare who I started under saddle and hope to event barefoot.