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Monday, October 5, 2009

Picture of the Day

Today's Picture of the Day is just a nice one Alex took of Gogo at the AEC before XC.

She's a pretty mare.

More importantly than the picture, tomorrow she and I are heading up to Tufts to have PRP done. We leave early in the morning, as the appointment is at 9 and we have to deal with Hartford/Boston traffic, and from there I am heading up to New Hampshire to go foxhunting with Daun on Wednesday (AWESOME! But a little bit sad because it was supposed to be Gogo's foxhunting debut as well. Oh well, hopefully next year). You likely won't hear from me until Thursday, so keep Gogo in your thoughts. I'm jittery about the procedure, as anyone would naturally be, but I hope for a smooth, unevenful day and for a swift recovery.

All right, morning comes early and I still have laundry to finish, a room to clean, pets to tidy up after, boots to polish, and clothes to pack. Bleugh!!

Wish us luck!


Funder said...

Is she loaning you a flask, too? ;) Good luck at the vet, and have a great time with Daun!

Andrea said...

With Bailey's! ;)

Jen said...

good luck!!

Lexie said...

Have fun!

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Have a great time fox hunting and I will be thinking about miss Gogo and wishing her a swift recovery!

Meghan said...

Gogo = gorgeous

Sending good thoughts!

OnTheBit said...

Good luck with the vet! I know you wont have time to check this, but some vets will let you sit in and watch if you want to. And have fun fox hunting! Take in as much of the east coast as you can while you are still here!

Dressager said...

I love the picture. She's like, "Let's gooo!"

lopinon4 said...

Best of luck for a smooth trip, and a fast recovery.