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Monday, October 19, 2009

RIP Lemgo

I have plenty to write about - I always do! - but I had to put this little blurb in here about Gogo's daddy, who died peacefully at the ripe old age of 28 a few weeks ago. I just found out. His final days were spent in a pasture at New Bolton Center, with two pinto pony geldings as companions. He was donated to benefit a behavior study, an old stallion fertility study, and the Barbaro Laminitis study, but he lived most of his retired life at the breeder's farm where I got Gogo from. Some of his lifetime accomplishments include numerous wins at Spruce Meadows, galloping victory laps with Tami Masters to the Radetzki March, a second place win with Anne Kursinski at The Ox Ridge Grand Prix, and many more. Other professionals riders who were a part of his career included Wash Bishop, Peter Wylde, Nicohol Shahanian Simpson and Laura Balisky. He has over 200 offspring, many of which are premiums, with one final one on its way this coming spring. After having Gogo, I'd take another Lemgo kid in a heartbeat.

RIP Lemgo, 1981-2009.


Serena said...

I remember being at a clinic where the clinician KNEW from the way one of the horses was acting that he was a Lemgo baby. The horse was a TB cross so he wasn't branded or anything, but he all "lemme go, lemme go, lemme go" the whole time he was being ridden. Hee. I'm sorry to hear that he's gone!

sally said...

Hey Andrea ....haven't checked my blog in a few days but saw your photo adventure and have been to the same beach in NZ. Isn't it a beautiful spot. If you check out my blog ferngrovefarm and scroll back through there are some other amazing beaches. Our Hunt club have an amazing venue for treking during the summer when we have finished hunting.We are heading there again this summer. Hope Gogo is continuing to improve.

Ambivalent Academic said...

Awwww. The expression on his face in that pic looks a lot like Gogo's in the third one down on your sidebar. Family resemblance?