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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rolex Bound

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Rolex! As for today, I had another absolutely stunning dressage lesson on Gogo. I widened my hands again when she went to come above the bit during our warmup, and she really seemed to accept that and move into my contact. We had an AMAZING canter near the end, some fabulous transitions, some fancy travers-renvers transitions, and some outstanding moments of sitting way back and taking a nice load of weight onto her hind end during some of our half-halts. We even had a lovely stretchy circle at the end where she came right back to me, how bout that.

She also had her feet done tonight, and they looks beautiful if I do say so myself :D I have a bunch of pictures and I fully intend on writing up a post about them, but as for now, I need to keep packing for tomorrow. I will, however, leave you with a picture of the shirt I made:

We're cheering for The Good Witch!! :D

Tomorrow, Gogo gets a very early morning modified conditioning hack (like the ones we did all winter), and then she'll have three days off. Not really ideal right now, but that's the way it is. I'm not about to let anybody on her at this point, or ever! I still have to work in the AM, so it's going to be a REALLLLLY early morning for me - probably starting at 4AM. Suck.

But it's all worth it!! I'll get a zillion pictures and video, I promise :D I also promise I'll put up some of my pics from the last three times I've gone, cause I have some AWESOME ones!



Beckz said...

Dude I think you were in Walter Dyer with my little sister. Her name was Kim and she lived on the top floor.

Stacey said...

NICE SHIRT! We need to get some mare power t-shirts and tank tops going on!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun! I'm looking forward to the pics and vids!

manymisadventures said...


I hope you have an awesome time! I'm jealous.

Meghan said...

Have a great time! I went to Rolex in '05 and it was great. I'm hoping to go to the WEG next year, but now that I have my mare, money's tight (not that it was ever, er, loose, LOL).

Looking forward to the pictures!

Jana said...

I wanted to let you know that I've been following your blog (as well as Eventing-Draft) for a long while and just never got on here to comment. You and Gogo are such an inspirational team! Thank you for keeping up with such a thorough blog.

I especially love the fact that you trim your own horse's hooves. I was recently given a TB gelding after a lifetime of riding and hoping to one day have a horse of my own. He has been barefoot for at least 5 years, but has pretty dry icky feet from previously poor nutrition (among other things). Anyway, I ran across this product called Hoof Armor after reading one of Eventing Draft's posts and wondered what your thoughts were: www.hoofarmor.comGood luck in your upcoming competitions!