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Saturday, April 4, 2009

End of March Analysis, and More

It's the beginning of April already, holy crap! Our first real event is in a month and a few days, so it's time to really get cracking on our next month's goals.

March Goals:

1) Get over our irrational chambon fears!!
Well, we're working on that. Actually, I've opted to leave this problem alone for the time being. We have so many other things to fill our week with, and I don't want to risk her hurting herself or scaring herself again, especially not right now as we're gearing up for some really heavy work. I revisited the issue only once over the past month, with a lot of success. I think I will very, very carefully be reintroducing this little issue, maybe on our days off, but I'm NOT going to push it hard. It will a lot of time.

2) Attend our first schooling jumper show and make successful, smooth trips around each course
Success!! We had a great first outing at this little schooling show... actually, we're attending a second one tomorrow! Our first rounds were fast, clean, and scopey. Not a hesitation, not a single rail, nary a bobble in our coursework. AND her attitude dramatically improved in our dressage work that followed that week, and she has maintained that happiness all through these past several weeks. Yay!

3) Continue to develop stretch down and up at the walk/trot
This is coming along! As you can see from these pictures, her tendency is still to tip on her forehand and come behind the vertical, but it's improving fairly steadily. Before, she would take the reins and root, and then pop above the bit. And once that had happened, you could forget trying to take the contact back. It just wouldn't happen. Now, she's going down with a lot of consistency, and coming back up when I ask and staying where she ought to - nice and relaxed and stretching to my hand.

4) Refine (and really focus on) trot-canter transitions - no popping up into them
Again, improving!! If you saw our video of our dressage work outside, you saw some very nice trot-canter transitions. She's getting MUCH quieter about them, but she still disconnects slightly in order to pull herself into them instead of push. But wow, it's still been a world of difference!!

5) Hopefully get our for our first x-country schooling of the season!!
Nope. But we tried. It was all this rain that stopped us. This month it will happen for sure, because Shannon said she'd go with me, and I'm really running out of time. RAIN, GO AWAY ALREADY. WE CAN'T SCHOOL IN THE RAIN.

And some goals for me too....

1) Improve cardio fitness through interval training

I've been running, that's for sure! Not as often as I need to be, but I've been running. Less interval type training and more long distance though... I don't like short bursts AT ALL. I dunno if I want to keep up with the sprints or to focus on the long distance stuff. Any opinions?

2) Continue to improve gallop position (a weak link for sure!)
This is MUCH easier now that I have my new Prestige!! We've only managed to get in one gallop session before this horrible week of nonstop rain started, but I've been focused on my position and very aware of what my body is doing. It can only improve from here!

3) Once we get out schooling x-country, work on maintaining a balanced and rhythmic gallop over fences
We'll get to this one this month.

4) Take the Hundred Pushups Challenge

I'm working on it right now!

5) Take the Two Hundred Situps Challenge
And ditto! They both take about 6 weeks to do, but I'll do it. You better believe it.

And now, for some new April goals:

1) Practice our Novice tests for the month of May, and really focus on improving whatever weak spots we have, including work on my position
2) Successfully make it out to one or hopefully two x-country schoolings
3) Develop our gallop fitness
4) REALLY focus on our trot-canter transitions, and our stretching
5) Make it around our first 3'3"-3'6" courses in the show ring!

And my own goals for myself remain the same, except for the addition of attacking my position weaknesses. :)

I have plenty to blog about concerning this week, but for right now, I need to go dash off to the bank and deposit my paycheck (yes, at 9:40 at night), and then make sure everything is ready for the show tomorrow. My parents came to visit me this weekend, and boy there is one HELL of a development I HAVE to share with you. But you have to wait! Ha!

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