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Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo Adventure Fridays

I'm starting a new Friday tradition that's a little off topic. In my spare time which I don't have anymore, I travel... a lot. I've traveled a ton in my young life and on a seriously limited budget, so there were lots of nights spent sleeping in my car along the roadside, not eating for days, relishing the freedom only a set of wheels and your own two legs can bring you. I am a roadtrip junkie, and I don't get to do it much anymore.

So every Friday, I thought I'd post a picture or two from an adventure I've had, and give a little blurb about it, just for fun. This Friday's adventure:

Hitching down Route 66 with my travel companion at the time, Brett, in 2006.
That was one hell of a roadtrip. I'll have more pictures from that one for sure. Three weeks, all the way from Detroit to San Francisco and back.

I'll have a real post later :)


Serena said...

That is SO awesome! I am a roadtrip junkie too but have NEVER been brave enough to try hitching.
If things ever go south with my current job, i am going to go into long-haul trucking. Yup.

Andrea said...

Shhhh here's my little secret.... we were only hitching to see if we could, we had my Durango stashed a ways back up the road ;) We hooked a ride up the road and a ride back, it was sweet. But I'd NEVER do that by myself in the States... I'm really NOT this way at all normally, I hate sexism, but because I had a dude with me, I felt less likely to get raped/mugged/murdered.

But it was still awesome.

hosschic said...

Love that last pic - Wide angle lens would have been sweet! I once went to FL for a week with a friend from school I met. TROUBLE. She was new and from FL & hated Maine. She talked me into lying to my mom and took the call pretending to be her mom. We set off at 15 & 16 to Fl for Spring break in a POS old ford car that broke down in Jersey spent the night waiting for a garage to open. Abandoned it & we had JUST ENUF $$$ to get a 1 way bus TiXX to FL. Only $5 between us for food. Stayed with her friends and finally got the call... from my mom! Who had no money to fly me home! Was out of school another 2 weeks and my great grandfather who happen to live 3 hrs away fetched me and flew me home. Never saw her again. What do 15 yo know? Ignorance is bliss is true!