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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mare-y Christmas!

Gogo and I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!

And a blast from the past.... here's Metro and I in 2004:

And my very first horse Quincy and I in 2003:

My oh my how time flies, and how we change.

Happy and safe holidays to all. I'll have a more detailed blog post later, but for now.... making cookies for all the horses in the barn!


Sammi said...

Those are wonderful photos. You've been blessed with lots of great ponies, I see :)

And, also, not to be insufferably curious, but I posted these questions a few days back on the picture of the day blog and never got an answer, so I thought I'd post'em again:

"Great picture. I love your guys' colors. Was it difficult trying to find all that matching light blue tack? It looks so nice with GoGo's dark bay :)

A kind of prying question, but do you follow any sort of fitness program for yourself? You look so toned in all these riding pictures."

I apologize for the nosiness in advance ;)

Funder said...

Yall are absolutely adorable :)

Andrea said...

Oh sorry Sammi!!! I guess in the rush to respond to all the hoof discussion I missed your questions!

Yes, it WAS a bit difficult to find all light blue stuff for her, but actually when I bought her all the pastel colors were just coming into style, so everybody was making everything you could think of in those colors. She has several blankets, saddle pads, Woof boots, Eskadron open front AND ankle boots, polos, rubber reins, rein stops, bit guards... you name it, I've found it at some point and bought it! And I wonder sometimes why I'm poor.... sadly the pastel colors aren't quite as ridiculously popular (they're only pretty popular now) as they used to be, so they're not making EVERYTHING in those colors anymore like they were a couple of years ago.

And as for fitness... well, I work in a barn and I clean a lot of stalls! Last summer, when those pictures were taken, I wasn't really doing anything other than riding my horse and laying around on the beach, so I guess I'm just fortunate. When I was studying abroad in NZ, and was NOT riding every day, I worked out for like.... at least 3 hours a day. I ran around 10km every day, lifted weights, and climbed mountains and volcanoes every weekend. And I was SO RIPPED! Now, I'm only pretty ripped. I thankfully am very lean and muscular naturally, so I don't have to work hard to get there. Just from doing a regular amount of sitting trot I have a near six-pack set of abs, and from mucking stalls and throwing bales of hay I have a really toned upper body!

I do work really hard, really long 12 hour days in the barn, and I don't get all that much to eat, so I guess that probably helps!

sugarmama said...

the two of you are so cute!