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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas A Go-Go

Well, Gogo and I have survived our first Christmas alone (and working). It wasn't all bad... it was bright and sunny (and warm), but we had enough snow on the ground from the two storms before to still have a white Christmas. I was lonely, to be sure, but having her here took the sting out of having to work all day by myself. Here's a few pictures of our little Christmas together:

Taking an evening stroll:

Mmmmmm Christmas dinner... (They get their dinners mixed in these little blue buckets, and I didn't realize how much caked on supplement scum is in my bucket until the flash went off... ewww!):

The contents of Gogo's stocking!:

Enjoying her Christmas mash (grain, hot water, candy canes, carrots, apples, mmm!):

Aaaaah, the holidays. It feels SO strange to think that they have already come and gone, and without nearly as much hype as I wanted (and tried) to give them. I LOVE the holiday season, and I really hate to see it over with. On the other hand, I've been feeling a bit depressed every time I hear songs about how there's no place like home for the holidays, and that the holidays are for being with friends and loved ones. This year, I just don't get to have that.

Oh well. There's no point in crying over spilled milk. The holidays for me don't end until January 1, so I get to enjoy this last little bit of Christmas-ness until then, I suppose. I still haven't sent out a few packages (oops!!!!), but I haven't gotten all my packages yet either, so there is more yet to enjoy. I made out with the presents this year too.... Gogo got a new full-body Sleazy (someone stole my last one and the other one she Incredible Hulked right out of one night) and some Pony Pops, Ti got a lot of cookies and chewies, Greta got a bunch of toys, and I got a lot of money ($850 total from my parents, grandparents, and the people at the barn), a GPS for my car (sweet as!!!!), a new digital camera (because I keep breaking mine), some clothing (and more furry boots), WALL-E on DVD, and a bunch of other, smaller gifts. That money is all going towards show fees next summer, I can tell you that right now!! I was doing finances tonight, and figuring out what I need to earn and put away for show fees next year. Exciting!

I also thought, since it is the end of the year after all, that I would put together my yearly goals for Gogo, and go over the goals I set for us this past year.

2008 Goals:

1) Qualify for and attend the American Eventing Championships, and top 10 in my division

Successful! Gogo and I qualified very easily this year for the AECs. For BN, you need to get 1st-5th at two recognized events. We were 3rd at our first event (in 1st place after dressage, but we had a rail, d'oh! This was before starting the Adequan and Cosequin, which made quite a difference), and 1st at our second event (where we got a 22.6 in dressage, and had another rail in stadium to finish still in 1st with a 26.6, d'oh again!) We were entered in the BN-H division, and finished 6th on our dressage score of 33.0. We WOULD have finished 2nd, or possibly 1st, had we not gotten a 2 on one movement... one more time, D'OH!

2) Break 70%
Successful! Well, technically. I never actually specified whether or not I meant in a dressage show or at an event. I got several scores of 69% in regular dressage scores, but never broke 70%, BUT at events I got a 22.6 and a 28.5 (and a 26.0 at a combined test), which TECHNICALLY means I broke the 70% mark!

3) Show 1st level
Successful! I only took her out at two dressage shows this year, mostly due to finances. One was in March, her first time at 1st level (tests 1 and 2), and she scored a 69.7% at First 1, and was Reserve Champion, her first time out! She also got a 66.3% for First 2. The second show was way less successful... the judge was VERY low scoring and she was in SCARY heat, which led to some... moments. And some throwing herself and her head around. And some more scores of 2 and 3. Hmmmm.... well, she's solidly 1st level now, I can at least say that! I've still never shown her at First 4 though...

So what are my goals for this coming year?

2009 Goals:
1) Qualify for and attend the AECs at Novice – place top 10
2) Break 70% (at First Level or Novice/Training)
3) Show First Level 1-4
4) Hopefully show Second Level 1-2 (not an official goal, due to money constraints)
5) Show Training Level eventing

The other thing I want to do is create monthly goals... things I want to have accomplished within a particular month. I think that will give me some short term, very strong focus, and I like that. I'll have to really think about January's goals.... and I'll get back to you on what they are!

Vicki was talking about seeing if we can hook me up with a sponsor for 2009. THAT WOULD BE SWEET. If I come up with anything, I'll let you know, or if YOU come up with anything, you let ME know! I wish I could hook up with a hoof boot company, but a) I don't use hoof boots, b) I doubt I will need to use hoof boots anytime soon, and c) what hoof boot company would bother sponsoring some kid showing Novice/Training? I mean, in 2010 it's onto Prelim (if all goes well) which is actually a big deal for a barefoot event horse, but I'm sure there are plenty of horses showing at Novice barefoot. Maybe not Training, but we'll see. The idea is to qualify for the AECs at Novice this year, and then move onto Training after we get our qualifying scores, so we'll see.

One last thing of interest... we made the Leaderboard, both nationally and in Area 8! On the USEA Leaderboard for BN, I am ranked as the 4th Adult Rider and the 4th Adult Amateur rider, and on the Area 8 Leaderboard, I am ranked as the 4th overall Rider, the 2nd Adult Amateur Rider, and Gogo is tied for 5th for BN Horse. YAY!

Hurry up, 2009! I want to be done with 2008!

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