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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun in the sun.... Which is not now

And now, for your viewing pleasure (and continuing with the theme of wetness), some pictures of Gogo and I taking a swim in the pond last summer:

DISCLAIMER: Always wear your helmet (and shoes!!!!) when on horseback!! This is the second time I've posted pictures where I haven't been wearing my helmet, and that is very bad bad bad of me. I always wear my helmet, I do... just not these two times, apparently.

Enjoy the torrential downpours and flash flood warnings, New England!


sugarmama said...
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Andrea said...

Hi Sylvia,
Course you can link to my blog, I'd be honored :D And as for that option, go to the edit layouts section, and there will be a bunch of boxes there, one of which will say 'blog posts'. Click on the edit button, and another window will pop up (make sure your popup blocker isn't on). There is a box there that says, at least on mine, 'reactions'. The box will be unchecked; check it for it to show up. You can edit the reactions.. I made mine say interesting, funny, and boring, as well as exciting, but I'm not sure why the exciting doesn't show up.
A little confusing, but I hope that helps a little!

sugarmama said...

thank you. i did all you mention last night, and again today with your instructions. and still...nothing! ARG!!!
thanks so much though, for responding and giving me the go ahead for the link. have a fab weekend and stay warm!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Good for you! Frustration is tough and my AngloArab reads right into my grouchy moods. I have had to walk away, get off, and just plain not ride at times due to this. I think is a credit to a smart rider/owner to care enough about your horse to abstain when things get rough! Nothing is accomplished but a worse mood and more frustration, and you are right, it can set you back quite a bit! I learned the hard way (which seems to be the only way for me!!) but I (and Jackson) are better for it! As for the dirt--girl, after all the work you put in in a day, let thy horse be dirty!! It all comes out in the wash.... grin...