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Thursday, May 5, 2011

We don't see no stinking lameness!

As has been the first week of every month custom since January, I put Gogo on the lunge this afternoon for a minute or so to check her level of soundness. She trotted out REALLY sound for Dr. H last month when she got her first set of spring shots and had her Coggins pulled, but that was in a straight line on concrete. It's sometimes a different story on slightly uneven footing while on a circle.

But honestly, she's looking REALLY good!

Please ignore the neverending clucking. Apparently, that's what I do when I am not paying enough attention to her over my video-taking and can't get her to GO anywhere.

There might be some residual stiffness on the RH, or maybe I'm just looking for it. It's subtle, if it's there. That also could be the fact that she's been out of work for six months now.

Want to know the key to the shine? Apparently, it's don't bathe or groom your horse for two weeks.... swear it. She's been enjoying her level of filth, and apparently it doesn't actually mean she's filthy in any way. She's gleaming!

Her pasture is drying out as well and her feet are making a very quick turnaround... more on that later!

Our first ultrasound since the reinjury is coming up whenever I can manage to secure a day off.... THINK SOUND! (Also send day-off vibes.... I haven't had one in five weeks and I am pooped!)


Abby said...

I can definitely tell that she has put on a few pounds! If the ultrasound is good, when do you think you will ride her again?

Andrea said...

A FEW pounds? More like 100 pounds!

I'm not sure when I'll ride her again... I hadn't really planned on it until December or so. I just want to get an idea of what's going on structurally.... which is less important than her level of soundness, honestly.

Barbara said...

She looks pretty sound to me. The only thing wrong with her RH is that her stomach gets in the way.
I think it is hysterical that she has gone from fit and lean to couch potato in 6 months.

Val said...

Gogo is still beautiful. She looks a little stiff, but that could just be from her vacation.

Kathryn said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said she'd gained weight!

Melissa said...

Are you sure you didn't breed her? :-D Glad she's doing well. I guess the non-pampered life agrees with her.

Nicole Redman said...

I can see the right hind, but it's hard to tell with the uneven rhythm and she's not really going forward. Does she work out of it?

Frizzle said...

Holy cannoli, Gogo is super morbidly obese!!! Maaaaaaan, you really were not kidding about the weight. Looks like she shares my manatee heritage! ;-)

Nic Barker said...

"The only thing wrong with her RH is that her stomach gets in the way. "

LOL! Think Barbara is right :-)

jenj said...

Oooh, what a nice, plump, shiny pony.

I tell you, those good rolls in the sand are the BEST for gleaming coats. Forget the hours of grooming, just provide a nice patch of sand.

And don't listen to what all those mean people have to say - Gogo is just big-boned, I'm sure of it. ;)

Dressager said...

"Mmm, so preeeeeetty." LOL

Sending aforementioned vibes.

Kate said...

She has that sort of 'Why am I doing this?' look to her. Not in a bad way, just in a favuely confused way :)
P.S. The couch potato look sorta suits her! She looks adorable :P

Edward said...

Glad to hear Gogo is doing well she looks good on the lunge, I don’t think she looks too stiff it is probably just like you said she has been off work for six months, anyway good luck with it all hopefully she will be up to being ridden in no time.

Louise McGillivray said...

Wow she's one heavy girl! Love it. She looks fabulous!

I watched the video purposely not knowing which leg was the issue and noticed a very slight stiffness in the off side hind. It's probably more due to weakness due to being less than 100% for such a long time. With fitness that stiffness might disappear.

You must be very excited!

achieve1dream said...

She was being lazy and looky, but wow she listens to voice cues really well! I hope Chrome will someday hehe.

She looks good to me, but I don't have the best eye for lameness. I'll think sound vibes and day off vibes for you (five weeks?! I would DIE!).