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Monday, December 27, 2010

On the lighter side - photography!

I like this exciting discussion we have going on down below om my earlier post today - some very interesting and thought provoking responses. Keep on responding!

On the lighter side, I am excited to report that one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a super nice digital auto/manual Sony, not just your regular crappy snap-a-pic camera. I used to dabble in photography when I was a teenager, but my old camera was film, and once the digital age exploded it fell by the wayside and never even made it with me to Connecticut when I moved. I intend on getting back in the hobby on a very amateur level with this baby.

The quality of the pics are very nice....

... I am rusty but I feel like I'm pretty good at capturing a decent shot from an artistic standpoint.

Bonus points for evil kitty smile photo:

Guess who is next.... her name starts with a G....!


Katie said...

Oh man, that last cat photo is awesome. The camera looks like it produces some nice shots (of course with you behind it). I'm envious.

Nicole Redman said...

That photo of Snidget made my day

Val said...

Very nice shots! Who is the gentleman?

Andrea said...

My grandfather. And yes I am STILL laughing ever time I see that picture of Snidgey! You have to know her to understand!

Judi said...

What a perfect picture of your cat!

Dressager said...

Wonderful impish feline picture!

Eleanor said...

Wow that cat photo was wicked!