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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quickie Picture of the Day

TOO BUSY! Staffing Crisis 2010 has taken over my life for the past four weeks and it is only getting worse. I am struggling to find time to do anything other than worry about it. Things I wish I could do a little more of instead of worry about it: sleeping, eating, blogging, smiling. Not doing much of any of that these days.

Anyway, I do have things to write about and am working on putting up the next Hooves of Steel bit, but for now I will leave you this adorable picture from our ride at Baxster yesterday:

Me n' my hound. Yes, that is a greyhound off leash, oh noes! They said it can't be done, but I do it every day and she doesn't leave my side even if rabbits are jumping out of the bushes in front of her. She is very respectful of the horses and Gogo leaves her to do her own thing, only pinning her ears if she gets too slow when she's in front of us. Which is a habit she'll need to break if she wants to ride out with REAL hounds!


Heather (hpalmete) said...

I follow your blog religiously but, I think I missed a post. What is the staffing crisis? Not that I can help probably but somebody out there might have some helpful advice or words of wisdom... or booze to share, if it comes to that!

Erica said...

LOVE IT!! What a champ, that Ti :) Alas, my Bandit is too terrified of everything and everyone and Lola loooves to chase everything that moves. So on the leash they remain for now. Maybe in another few years....

Andrea said...

Heather, the staffing crisis is a problem I am having with my staff at work. It's entirely too awful and complicated to write about - not to mention unprofessional - so I'll just leave you with these wise words: it sucks! ;P

sally said...

Andrea I love the shot of you,Gogo and your hound dog out enjoying the countryside. Hope the staff problem sorts itself out!

Nicholas said...

Love the blog, highly informative.

Any training suggestions/techniques you used for off leash work? We have two retired racers, and I'd love take them hacking, but don't quite trust them.



Andrea said...

Well I think I got lucky with Ti - she is sooooo mellow and has absolutely no prey drive whatsoever, so if a rabbit or squirrel comes bouncing out in front of her, she won't give chase. Unfortunately with most greyhound, that's not the case, and with their speed and selective hearing, they'll be in Egypt by the time you catch them - or hit by a car. Try taking your guys into an enclosed space, like a fenced in yard, and doing basic obedience - come, stay, lay down, etc. Then move to a bigger enclosed space - come, stay, lay down, etc. Honestly, I can't guarantee that they'll ever be able to go off-lead, because if they have a high prey drive they'll take off at any given time. I've had Ti for three years and it took two before I trusted her enough to let her off lead. (And she did wander away from home once or twice...)