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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun in the setting sun!

Just a little video of Gogo and I playing around at Baxster last Saturday evening:

She's so silly. When we were cantering, she was like NO I MUST PUT MY HEAD IN YOUR LAP KTHX. But other than that, she was perfect.

Our schedule is as follows: Sunday OFF, Monday bareback hack for 45 minutes around the property and up the hill at a walk/some trot, Tuesday dressage, Wednesday hack out off property for 1:00+ w/t/c, Thursday jumping tiny little things, Friday hack up the road for 50-60min, Saturday hack off propety for 1:00+ w/t/c. It's a bit lucid, and it's not very serious. It's just fun, and good for both our brains. My only goals are to strengthen her body all over, give her a good fitness baseline going into the winter, and putting her brains in place for the upcoming cold indoor arena seasons. Other than that, it's all just fun and games, and I like it that way.

Although it's pretty clear that I'm going to need some LESSONS sometime in the next century. That equitation leaves plenty to be desired.


Hurricanes12 said...

gogo is gorgeous, love it when she stops to look at the camera by the water :)

Amy said...

Love how she is all alert with her head in the air and as soon as she goes to a walk her head is low and and she is relaxed. I guess I am a bit jealous because my Steady has been so fresh lately. I dont' know what got into him.

Ambivalent Academic said...

Gogo looks fantastic - you have done such a nice job bringing her back into work. Those transitions down to walk where she takes huge steps under herself, nice relaxed back - she clearly feels really good. Go Gogo! And great job Andrea!

Kate said...

wow she is beautiful, and has one of the nicest tails I've ever seen. she looks great coming back into work and clearly loves what she's doing :) I loved the regal look she gave before going over the little stream!

Dressager said...

That little "moment" by the stream was a Gogo Win. Made my day!!