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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rehab, The Video

You asked for it, we got it!

A brief video of Gogo's trotwork today. She was very well behaved considering everything. Actually, today she was being bratty more than spooky. She wasn't scared, she was annoyed that we were not going out to run XC. I think the video caught an actual spook though, it's hard to say quite what set her off. That little bounce was hardly a thing though. What timing, that it got caught on video.

Sure, it all starts out peaches:

Annnnnd then... not so much.



Cathryn said...

I just love how you smile through the entire thing. Hehe.

Monica v said...

God i never realized how gorgeous she is ! Even when spooking, her tail is more amazing in video. You got yourself a nice horse, even if she is in rehab and tends to rear and such. Keep up the great work!

OnTheBit said...

Even with her moment of specialness she looks great. Totally sound. I am so excited for the future because he gait looks like there is nothing wrong.

jacksonsgrrl said...

OH Lordy! Her gait looks great tho', I could not see one thing that looked gimpy other than her ahem, moment there. I suppose if I had been through all that rehab after a rigourous training program I'd be a bit flighty too. Thank God she has such an understanding owner. And what a tail! Jackson's is awesome, but hers could be in the tail Hall of Fame! :)

Stacey said...

Her movement is gorgeous! I love the second still of the trot. And that tail...Klein sees tails like that in her dreams.

Nicku said...

Yes, that looks all too familiar!!! Hang in and hang on there :)

Karen said...

Well she looks sound and lovely ... quite the character. lol. Good riding btw!

Anonymous said...

Nice! She looks fantastically sound. :) I'll see if I can get some video of my boy's rehab to send to you. Misery loves company, haha! Based on the impressive stall rodeo he had going on today, this could be interesting.

Paigeley said...

i'm having flashbacks from my ride yesterday

Jennifer said...

GoGo! You're back! YAY!


Great job rehabbing.. Keep up the good work. That's sooo awesome!