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Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland A Go-Go

So what is on Gogo's Christmas list this year?

Not surprising.

My Christmas list is a little less, um.... food oriented.

A new dressage coat with gold piping and big fat brass buttons, a custom jockey whip, and a Charles Owen J3 helmet. I currently have an International that I feel lukewarm about. I used to have an amazing International that I LOVED and that was slim and fantastic, but then Gogo fell on my head and I had to replace it. The company sent me a new one, but it just didn't fit the same, and didn't have the same low profile. I've kept it around and not gone full-eventer with the skullcap because, quite frankly... the brim of a helmet has thus far kept my nose from getting broken. As it stands, I am sporting a big bruise on my cheek from when Gogo cracked me in the head on Saturday, and she did it again today. Bad news.

For Christmas, I'd also like the aliens to return my sane horse, please. Or for Santa to bring her some BRAINS. Today was just ridiculous. The random bolting, leaping, rearing and spinning is out of control. She was scaring other riders in the ring, and I fear for those legs if she keeps this crap up. She felt great and sound, but STUPID. And I don't want to keep her on a circle at one end of the arena, given her legs. Keeping her over there was working to keep her sane until today, when she went leaping away at the entrance end of the arena for no reason at all, more than once. So tomorrow, no more Mister Nice-Mom. I've been very hesitant to drug her while doing trotwork, because I worry that a) she isn't going to protect her body, b) she's going to take a drugged misstep and hurt herself, and c) she might stumble/fall/kill us. But I don't have another choice at the moment. Heavy sedation, coming soon to a Gogo near you!

And now, a little bit of December Appreciation as well....

It's beautiful out there.


OnTheBit said...

I used to thinking drugging a horse was cruel. After my TB was stuck on stall rest for 9 months I changed my tune. I am a big fan of Fluphenazine (what Werth got in trouble for using). It must be given by a vet because it is a controlled substance. Unlike so many drugs my horse still acted like my horse, he was just significantly calmer. For example, if he wanted to rear he would go up about a foot instead of going all the way up and crashing over my head. If he wanted to run he would think about it so I could see it in his eyes, but most of the time he would do a few steps and knock it off. Whatever you use enjoy better living through science :P

Savannah Brentnall said...

I second the comment about fluphenazine. My horse was lad up for 6 months with a torn SI ligament and the fluphenazine was the only thing that kept him sane. It didn't knock him out like ace or make him groggy like xylazine, so it was safe to use during trot and even canter rehab. He had 5 shots over 6 months, and I'd do it again in a second.

Funder said...

Obviously you just got like four feet of snow, so it's not practical now, but what about jogging on foot with her on a lead? It'd get her trotting, you could do it in a straight line on soft ground, and she might behave better. I know a couple of horse people - endurance riders, mainly - who go jogging with their horses.

Sounds like you might need drugs for ring work, but I don't know anything about that. I'll let the experts advise you there. :)

Dressager said...

we have to make my coat because of my ape arms :( but it'll look awesome..... once I get around to doing it!

I use raspberry leaves daily for my mare, she's in heat right now but it seems because she gets those leaves regularly, she's only spooked twice on me over the course of five rides, so.... I would definitely recommend it now. You can buy the Mare Magic stuff, but I find it cheaper to just get a big bulk package of it on Amazon, where they think you'll be using it as tea! It evens them out. They still have an attitude, but they're less.... crazy?

But you handled the spooking far better than I think I would've. So go you!!!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Yeah. Sounds like you may need to go the pharmaceutical route for a bit...Does lungeing or the chambon help, or is that all fine and she just loses her mind when you get on? Oh Gogo. For Christmas, I would bet that mom would give up ALL those fancy things she wants in exchange for you to just settle down an eensy teensy bit!!! OK Gogo. How about just stopping the rearing and having her fear for her life?
I have a great holiday recipe that looks just like the cookies you have posted that takes 1/2 hour to whip up if you want it!

Andrea said...

I could try that! But I don't think it can replicate the weight and balance of a rider on board in terms of strengthening muscles and tendons. Maybe in the summer when we're conditioning!
Nooooooo no lunging allowed right now. We are on a very strict rehab program and she is only allowed to walk on the flat setting on the treadmill, and walk for 30 minutes under saddle with 5 minute of trotting. We shouldn't really be on circles at all but I fear a little bit for my life going on straight lines. I WISH I could put her on the lunge and let her tear around but that's not so good for tendon injuries, lol.
She's actually been on bulk raspberry leaf for about 2 years now. I find it doesn't make her any less stupid but it helps with tightness in her topline when she's in heat. She seems to stay more relaxed in a muscular sense. Not in a sensical sense though, which is sad. She IS in heat right now...

Andrea said...

PS - I would love that recipe!! :D

AbbyAugustArabian said...

Have you tried Calm N Cool before? It might help chill her out a bit, but it doesn't knock them out like Ace does.

I have a CO J3 that I LOVE. It is super comfy. I will warn you that CO's and IRH's do not fit the same. CO's are more round and IRH's are more oval. I found that out the hard way when I bought an IRH because it was cheaper and it didn't fit my head. I ended up going back and getting a CO. The J3 will give you mushroom head though.

Andrea said...

Noooo not mushroom head! That's exactly what I am trying to avoid. Maybe I won't go for the CO!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your hospital paddocks! On the Fluphenazine, please be aware that it can actually make your horse more amped up. That's what it did to my horse, and, um, it lasts for 30 days, which is a long time to have an even MORE amped up horse when your initial goal was a LESS amped up horse. Mine also became a bit human aggressive while on it. Just a heads up. I know it works really well for some horses, but, boy, it did not work well at all for my horse!

jacksonsgrrl said...

I posted it on my blog today.

Andrea said...

Thanks Jacksonsgrrl!!
Anon, thanks for that tip. I've heard that too. Gogo is totally quiet in turnout, in her stall and on the treadmill (it's just under saddle at one end of the arena), so I've been hesitant to look into long-term tranq because I don't think she needs it. One more reason not to mess with biology!
A little bit of Ace seems to be doing the trick so I'll stick with that I think!