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6/2/01 - 10/11/11
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Rest In Peace Max

It was my plan to come on here tonight and blog about my August/September goals, and my great jump school today, but sometimes, life and death are more pressing than that. We lost a wonderful little guy tonight, Lynnie's old Arab Max. She's had him since he was 2 - he was 28 - and he colicked this afternoon, and never turned around. The vet Dr. C came out at around 10, and we let him go. It was the most beautiful night, and he laid down by himself in the grassy field behind the barns and stayed there until she arrived. It was a full moon tonight, and he just quietly put his head down and was gone. It was so peaceful, and so quiet, and so beautiful. Both my horses, the other two deaths I've been present for (this was the third), died painful, violent, horrible deaths... this one was different. When Gogo goes (in 100 years, and not a minute sooner, of course), I hope it's like this.

Rest in peace Max. Gogo and I will really miss seeing you when we go out for our hacks and gallops every week. Stopping by to visit was always one of my favorite things. My heart really goes out to Lynnie... I hope she's all right tonight.

Max and Gogo last winter:

We miss you already.


Dressager said...

The best way to go down is quietly. I agree. My heart goes out to Lynnie. It's never easy.

The Equus Ink said...

I hate this part of owning animals. But I couldn't think of a better way for a beloved horse to pass on. My thoughts to Lynnie.