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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Sucks to be Me! - A Message from Gogo

Hi all, this is Gogo. I thought I would hijack my mother's computer to tell you all that I lead THE Most Boring Life Ever. I USED to get to run fast and jump over things, but then my legs got hurt when I was running fast and jumping over things at a Really Big Show. I knew it had to be Really Big because we never go that far normally. Mom says now I can't go outside for a long time except for some grasses and some walking. This is Very Boring. Let me tell you all about how Very Boring my day is.

First off, I wake up when my mom and my Auntie Shan turn the lights on in the barn. Food time is the best time of the day, and I am ALWAYS ready for it. Sometimes I make mom mad by banging at my metal gate with my foot, but I don't do this so much anymore because then mom won't feed me. And that's not fun either.

Of course, after breakfast I make time to harass Teg when my mom puts him in front of my stall while she cleans his stall. He's blocking my VIEW, people. Is my life really so Very Boring that I have nothing better to look at than Teggie's Fat Butt? Offensive.

I then, obviously, have to make my mother feel guilty for locking me in this smelly old stall for so long. Two whole WEEKS, people. That's two weeks too long you know. If I look pathetically out the door, maybe she will get the hint.

After I eat more hay, which is Not Boring but still less fun than running fast and jumping over things, my mom takes me out of my stall and walks me around on the pavement for awhile. Then she lets me eat grass - I like grass, but this is still Very Boring compared to running fast and jumping over things. And then she makes me do something completely annoying after that. She actually sticks both my back legs into a big tub of water and makes me stand there! For TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES! What could POSSIBLY be more BORING than that!

I go back in my stall and eat more hay, which is Still Boring. My mom comes over and gives me lots of treats cause I look out the door and make her feel bad, but I am always polite about taking the treats because she says she will not give me any more if I am bad. Then she puts on my ice boots - for THIRTY WHOLE MINUTES - but I can still eat my hay when I wear them. She grooms me too. I like that part. And I get more cookies.

Later on, I get more hay, and MORE hay, and even MORE hay. Then I get more hay AND more grain! I like this a lot.

My mom also takes me for another walk, and I get to eat more grasses. I think the Big Snow is going to come not too far off from now, so I try to shovel as much grass as I can into my mouth without looking like a fat pig.

And I always gotta wear these stupid things on my legs too. Every time she takes my legs out of the tub of water, she rubs stuff into them and put these things back on. Very, Very, Very Boring.

Although sometimes my mom goes a little crazy and gets creative with them. And she and Auntie Shan also put annoying things on my head. Like this light-up Halloween bat headband, for example. But they also made the dog wear it, and the cat too, so I don't feel so bad. I think my mom is trying to make life interesting, but it's still Very, Very Boring.

So I make sure that I get them back for it.

But they still put me back in the tub anyway.

Then I get to go back in my Very Boring stall and eat even more hay and grain. By this time, it's dark out, and time to go back to sleep. I spend the whole day eating hay, walking a little, and standing in a tub a LOT. Very, Very, VERY Boring.

Mom says I get to see the vet this Saturday, and then we'll know a little more about my legs and if they are getting better at all. She says I am supposed to get to run fast and jump over things again next year like I did this year, only maybe bigger, which I am very happy about. But that's so far AWAY.

What did I tell you? The Most Boring Life Ever. I hope I get to go run fast and jump over things sooner rather than later. This walking stuff is just too Boring for me.


Sam said...

Gogo is a very hilarious mare :) Here's hoping she gets better soon! All the luck to her for a speedy and 100% sound recovery.

Nicole Redman said...

Gogo, I hope you know how lucky you are. Your life may be Very Boring, but you have the best mom in the WORLD and if you didn't, you might never get to run fast and jump over things again. Your mom will make sure that you run FASTER and jump over BIGGER things next year, so just cooperate and behave yourself because she is beating herself up way too much over this whole thing and I know that she loses sleep every time you decide to express your frustration with the whole situation.

Beth said...

ooh. the poorest sadest gogo mare in the whole widest world!!!! Poor Pony!

Kate said...

Very boring, indeed! At least your mom is taking care of you, and you're very good about standing in the tub - I wouldn't do that. When I had a rear suspensory injury, I was stuck inside for months with only hand walks, so I know what you mean! Get better soon!

Yankecwgrl said...


I know it's hard to understand why your life when from one of FUN FUN FUN all the time to your current state of BORING! BUT, your momma has your BEST interest at heart and I know she will let you jump the big jumps and run as soon as it's ok for you.
Hang in there big girl!! You'll be better before you know it!
-Jennifer and Casper

Nicku said...

Dear Gogo-
This is Miss P. I understand COMPLETELY about how boring your life is. I've been trapped in my stinky stall for alomst a month now because my little brother Pongo kicked me in the knee, jerk. I make my mom's life really difficult by spending my day chewing off off the uncomfortable bandage she puts on my knee every morning. I know she pays a fortune for the rolls and rolls of Elastikon she uses, I'm hoping she'll get the hint that I hate it and will just stop putting it on me, hee hee. Be happy you live somewhere there is grass...I live in CA, all we have is dirt. No grazing for me :( I cant wait until next year so I can run and jump big things too, I miss XC! Feel better!
- Miss P

Dressager said...

Gogo, while this all may seem Very Boring, it gives you time to learn new things. Like how to type! You're so good already!

Haha, the licky-face pictures totally made my day!!!

Meghan said...

Sofie says she'll trade places with Gogo. She doesn't mind standing around and eating, and she has no desire to run fast or jump things.

Gogo is such a pretty mare. I love her expressions.

phaedra96 said...

Spin and Willow would love to trade places with you. They LOOOVE to eat. Far, far more than would be good for them. So, while your life is BOOOORING, is another horse's dream!