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Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Happy Mare

I have plenty to write about the past couple of days, but alas, this morning I'm up early to be out in the barn by 5:15 so I can have the washrack scrubbed down, the stalls cleaned, the horses fed and turned out and be ready for my 9:00am lesson. The vet is coming sometimes today (hopefully late morning) to give Gogo's hocks the once-over and decide for sure whether or not we need to stick needles and unicorn tears into them. (For the price of injections in Connecticut, that BETTER be what's in them.) For now, I just had to share with you a little short video of my happy, happy horse. I can't even believe how cheerful she's been, it's ridiculous. Even more cheerful than pre-Lyme, really.

She's the best mare EVER.


Anonymous said...

She looks great! And that's really good news!

Dressager said...

heehee she looks so cute! And lol at the unicorn tears. Nice.

jacksonsgrrl said...

If you are taking votes at what is making her better I vote for the abx. Lyme disease is a nasty thing and if she tested positive, even remotely, I think the results are speaking for themselves! Whatever it is DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!!!! Aloe juice, hoodoo with a fire and enchantments at midnight by the
light of the moon-keep doing it!!
BTW. Take a look up at the moon around now at midnight--Mars is supposed to be as big as the moon for a week or so and right beside the moon...for the first time in something like 6,000 years. You can dance around that one for extra special powers for you gals at the next show!!! :)