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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Many Disgruntled Faces of Gogo

Happy 3-Year Anniversary to Gogo and I, belated by a few days :) I really can't believe we've been together that long. I only had Quincy for 3 years before he died... I had Metro for less than 2. I really, really hope Gogo sticks around on this earth until she's a crusty old bat who goes to sleep on her own peacefully when she's in her 30's. That's a much better way to go than how my boys went.

I have much to write about, but I am very tired and gearing up for a very long work week, so you will just have to wait until tomorrow for all my interesting news! But until then, I thought I'd put up some of the comformation photos I always take of Gogo from season to season, in order to keep track of her body condition. While I have some very nice ones, these are hard to capture as Gogo tends to think that standing still for photos is VERY tedious and boring. When she's not doing her famous Picture Pose (which I will have another post on at some point), she is doing her equally as famous Disgruntled Face, letting everyone around her know just how displeased she is with our VERY DULL activities.

Without further ado, the Comformation Pose with a Disgruntled Face twist ;)

Gogo says, UGH, you people are so TEDIOUS!


Nina said...

GOGO might say we are tedious but I say she is beautiful!!!!! :o)

Kate said...

Lovely horse, lovely pictures - she doesn't look so pissed off in the second one!

Ambivalent Academic said...

You know, you have made some comments about her "ewe neck" but I actually think she's got a pretty nice neck. Clearly all that dressage is helping to reshape those muscles. Pretty girl - even when she is disgruntled.

S. Lauren said...

She is very beautiful! I think it's a good idea to take pictures like that every season, amazing how time changes things.

Dressager said...

Ooh, that is a good idea! When I've actually had Greta for a year, we will begin that!

The faces are so funny. I was always taught to pick up a handful of grass if you want them to perk their ears up, but that only works on certain horses or for a certain amount of time!

Sophie said...

Does she often stand with her front legs slightly under her? I've always been taught to aim for the cannons to be vertical when the horse is standing at rest. I was just wondering if this might be contributing to your challenges?

Andrea said...

LOL Sophie, I am a weird weird person and like that particular pose (sort of a modified breed type stand-up) and usually park her that way myself. She doesn't normally stand like that, it's usually some version of a balanced four on the floor! ;)