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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ready for Riga Redemption!

That's right, tomorrow is close at hand and Gogo and I are ready to step back out and jump right back in the game. We may have had a bobble last weekend, but that's not gonna be the case tomorrow! After Patron's oil change, I hopped on Gogo for about 20 minutes and did some stretchy w/t/c and popped over a very simple gymnastic - just a crossrail to a 2'9" vertical. All I wanted to do was remind her of exactly what we need to do tomorrow, and make sure that, since the last thing we did over fences was fall off at them, that we weren't about to do that again, even though I knew she'd be fine. And of course, she was. She was utterly perfect.

Bathing, braiding, clipping, tack cleaning, packing, and making sure everything was all done and set to go all ensued, and then I headed up to Riga to check out the courses. And boy, they are going to be exactly what we need to bounce right back. The facility itself is quite beautiful, set at the foot of a little mountain, and has some spectacular views:

The stadium course looks straightforward and very fun. There are 10 fences to the course, 9 actual marked obstacles, and it flows very nicely on perfect flat, grassy footing. We ride at 11:14am, and look, we're even channeling Michigan!

And XC? Totally awesome! It's all very flat and straightforward, which is exactly what she needs to make sure her confidence is all still intact. It starts off small and simple, in a straight line right out of the startbox:

And continues to roll right along to a bigger brush at 3. Fence 4 is on the TINIEST downhill slope, and is a very small log, which is uncomplicated and nice, and fence 5 is around a corner and very attractive:

On to fences 6 and 7, we come up to what I would consider our first sort-of question, but it's not hard at all. The two are fairly close together on somewhat of a bending line, but it's simple to get from point A to point B. The fences are larger, and she should jump them very well.

It's hard to see in that picture, but you can make out 7 on the far right of the picture, to the left of the other obstacle. Fence 8 is beautiful!

That is totally sweet. And onto fences 9 through 11, which is easily the toughest thing on course and it's not tough at all:

Totally gorgeous. She hasn't done an up bank in awhile, but it was the first ever XC element I ever introduced to her and she's loved them every since. The drop down is very small, and the red barn is a good long way away from the drop even though it is a hair offset. If she takes any large leaps off the downbank it will be very easy to get her back in time long before that fence ever comes up. Fences 12 and 13 are simple and well-constructed, even though they are on small turns and are harder to see until you are close to them, and fences 14a and 14b are big brushes:

Fence 15 is the ditch, which is enclosed but fairly shallow and small, and fence 16 is a big cordwood going off to the left. Fence 17 is a simple set of logs framed in by really tall telephone poles (with weird nest things on top of them!), and fence 18 curves back off to your right:

And the course finishes over 19, a beautiful set of logs frames in by lincoln log type towers. Beautiful!

As stated before, this is the perfect show to attend right after last weekend. I would have loved to go to Stuart, but I have to say, at this point I'm glad I'm doing Riga, for more than just money reasons. If I am still out east next year, I will hit the big shows more - Stuart, Groton House, Millbrook, Fitch's, GMHA - but this year, money was just too tight to travel, stable, and book places to stay. Riga was a good choice. Tomorrow should be a BLAST!

We sorted ourselves all out this week and we are ready. Life is looking as though it is about to return to normal - my room is painted and everything!! - and tomorrow is going to be great fun. Tomorrow's forecast is for sun, sun, and more sun, with a light breeze. Sounds perfect to be!

We ride at 9:04am, 11:14am, and 11:58am. Therefore, tomorrow comes early, and I need some SLEEP!

Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!


Nina said...

That looks amazing. The the course builders look like they have done an awesome job. I like the little details. Good luck and have fun!!!!

*Sharon* said...

I'm so jealous - it has rained here for the past three weeks and everything has been cancelled. I am so sick of riding in the arena. Wish we were having summer too, I miss the jumping and galloping...

Best of luck, can't wait to hear how you get on.

Wiola said...

Good luck!
I really enjoy reading your blog although don't comment much.
After watching your dressage video in the below post I agree that it all looked very relaxed and supple but in my opinion it looks more like a warm up and would think her working trot lacks impulsion, needs to be more over the back and hind leg needs to track up deeper under her. Thought 34 was a just score for what you shown there. Otherwise you two look fantastic, a pleasure to watch. Your canter work is impressive.
Btw, is it the left hock that you were concerned about?

Hope to read a fab, successful report from Riga :)
All the best,

Allira said...

Good luck, it looks like lots of fun!

Beth said... did you do????

The Equus Ink said...

That course looks like a lot of fun and inviting. It's beautiful to boot!

Have fun and good luck!!