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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I. Am Exhausted. I've just worked two 16-hour days in a row... with pretty much no breaks. And tomorrow is going to be just as horrible! And then Thursday.... is my birthday! And Friday is show prep, and Saturday is SHOW!

This is going to be a pretty short update I think, because I'm going to crash pretty soon, but I at least wanted to say that Gogo's chest looks a MILLION AND ONE times better, and that I got on her today for the first time since last Wednesday. Since she had such major chiro work, I wanted to just take it easy, and started the ride with a 20-minute walk hack outside with Anne and her horse Salute. Back in the ring, we did mostly walk - which was good, because she was wiiiiiiired for sound at first - and then moved up into a tiny bit of trot, then back down to walk, then back up to trot, then back to walk, doing circles of varying sizes and changes of direction, feeling her slowly relax beneath me. I tried a KK Ultra on her today (I have a knock-off KK Ultra which she's been going in since last February or so) which was a 16mm instead of her regular 14mm, and I dunno if it was the Aurigan or the fact that the chiro majorly unlocked her jaw, but she was foaming like crazy, in a very good way! She normally doesn't do that! She definitely felt very different in her neck and withers, that's for sure. Behind the saddle, it took a little longer for her to stop feeling so defensive still. But finally, she stretched down into the contact at the trot and off we went, just getting in some consistant, relaxed, quiet work in a longer and lower frame, and Vicki said she could really see her hips swinging (remember how locked up they were). At the end, I quietly halted, and she was PERFECTLY balanced and square. I mean textbook, amazing, wonderful, flawless. And I dropped the reins, gave her a huge hug and was done with that! It feels to me like tomorrow she's going to start at this place where we left off. I certainly hope that's the case. So good news, good news! Goobers, relaxation, swinging back, cheerful attitude. That's the way we like it!

In other news, my Mudbeast continues to be muddy and beasty. She must have rolled like 85 times out in the mud today, and came in crusted in it, as usual. I love spring everywhere in the entire world EXCEPT AT THE BARN. Everywhere else, there are blooming flowers, bright sunshine, freshly melting snow and crisp new growth. At the barn, there's mud, hair, filth, sweatiness, and did I mention the mud? XD And now of course, it's pouring. Which is going to make the turnouts WAY more exciting and muddy tomorrow!

We'll be dressage-ing from today until Friday, and then jumping our guts out on Saturday, if all goes well. Sweet!!!


Beckz said...

Woo. i'm so excited about you having a show. I'll have to live vicarously through you guys now there are no showsfor me until next year.

Andrea said...

I just found your blog through another blog, and some how ended up here. I saw you went to Lake Erie college! That is so neat, I almost went there, but finally decided on The Univeristy of Findlay. But anyway!! I am glad the bump is going down, and your horse got a good rub down!!

Funder said...

Hahah, Other Andrea, you should check out Dressage in Jeans, cause she did go to Findlay!

Anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA since I prolly won't be around Thursday to say it! And Happy Swingy Mare day today!

Ally said...

I just started using the KK ultra (18mm Aurigan) bit too! It has made such a difference!

allaroundhorses said...

You already have a show?! Over here in the upper midwest we are still in the deep freeze...well if we are lucky next week will be in the 40s. I am looking forward to the show season!
Happy birthday and have fun!

Andrea said...

Beckz - Yeah now it's MY turn to get all excited about summer, and you guys have to freeze in winter! I've been seriously jealous of all your super green looking pictures!

Andrea - How did you like Findlay? Dressage In Jeans HATED it, and left, and I've heard a lot of mixed reports on it. Then again, I've heard PLENTY of mixed reports on Lake Erie too, and actually HAVE a mixed report that I give to people, which I have been meaning to blog about.

Funder - Thanks for the B-Day wishes :D

Ally - I love this bit! I have an old KK that I used on my last two horses, but it's a 21mm, and it is WAY WAY WAY too thick for Gogo's little tiny mouth. I have a knock-off KK that I've been using for the past year, but I think I like this one better.

Allaroundhorses - Where are you located? I'm in Connecticut so we're STILL in the deep freeze a bit - this is an indoor jumper show. BUT our first events start in April/May, so I assume that means it has to stop snowing SOMETIME!